Friday, May 05, 2017

Letter to the Editor: Thank You from the Other Side

SoulsBlade .'s profile photoHello! I just wanted to give a quick thank you to your blog. I've been reading your daily blog posting with news from all over Middletown and CT, and I'm a Democrat! While a lot of what is posted I do not agree with (some I do!) I've been wanting to broaden my horizon with different takes on the issues from others around CT.

I appreciate that most of the topics discussed and posted about aren't needlessly inflammatory for the more left-leaning Nutmeggers. The views expressed are clean and with good reasoning behind it. I believe it's important to try and see both sides, even if you still end up in disagreement, if you don't we're all just rooting for a team blindly! Our parties aren't sports teams!

In the end we all want a better America and the only way to really do that is working together instead of fighting tooth and nail against each other completely.  It's impossible to do that if you won't even give other opinions an honest listen.

Thanks for your time I look forward to following your news.
Name withheld at Editor's discretion.

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