Friday, May 19, 2017

America's Oldest Vet is 111; He Could Teach Today's Wimpy Millennials a Thing or Two

Mr- Overton 2013-08-07 15-58.jpg
Photo from Wiki
As Memorial Day approaches, Richard Overton, a cigar-smoking, whisky-drinking World War II veteran is celebrating a day of his own – his 111th birthday!
Guess how he’s celebrating? With a cigar and whiskey, of course.
Oh, and a block party to celebrate a new street named after our nation’s oldest veteran!
Via the Statesman:
In April, the Austin City Council passed a resolution to give Hamilton Avenue the honorary street name Richard Overton Avenue, and party guests will be able to check out the new street signs at the celebration.
In recent years, Overton has become a celebrity of sorts. He met President Barack Obama, he’s been featured in a cigar magazine and honored by the San Antonio Spurs with an honorary jersey. But as he turns 111, Overton says has learned to savor the little things in life he relishes.

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