Sunday, April 09, 2017

Ridge Affiliation Warrants Heightened Skepticism over Gun Detection System

By David Codrea
So what safeguards are in place to protect your privacy and ensure you're not erroneously turned into a target?

"Patriot One Technologies, Inc. is about to kick off an experiment of its new detection system," Concealed Nation reports. "They've partnered with Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino to implement the system in public for the first time."
"Detection system"?

"[T]he system uses 'Cognitive Microwave Radar' to detect any unwanted items, and 'related hardware can be installed in hallways and doorways to covertly identify weapons and to alert security of an active threat entering the premises,'" the report elaborates. "If this test proves to be successful in their eyes, it could open the flood gates for companies looking to use this technology in their own locations."
And not just companies. If it actually works, this could be installed in public places to flag down any and everyone carrying a gun. And that should raise all kinds of civil liberties concerns, including the way it could "mine" a patchwork of public and private zones that becomes impossible to navigate, and make invasive privacy intrusions the norm every time you step out of the house. Add in a rapidly expanding presence of "security" cameras, an increased use of facial recognition technology for everything from airport security to dispensing toilet paper (!), and it's clear we're living in a culture with citizen surveillance capabilities Orwell's Big Brother nightmare couldn't even come close to approximating.

Perhaps instead of being deemed an anxiety disorder, agoraphobia should be viewed as a healthy and rational reaction.
Then consider there have been no long-term studies on regular and prolonged exposure to what "Low-power impulse radar... from 500 MHz to 5 GHz" might do after a few decades. It is interesting to note that while they were intially presumed "safe" enough to subject the public to, the European Union banned backscatter X-ray scanners from airports over "citizen's health and safety" concerns. And while we're told alternative millimeter-wave systems "do not expose passengers to ionizing radiation," it's undeniable that technologies presented as benign can merit a second look when several years of field experiences yield new information. Case in point, cell phones and potential cancer risks...

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