Sunday, April 16, 2017

Oath Keepers - Chicago Homicides Demonstrate the Only Result of 'Gun Control' is Citizen Disarmament

by David Codrea

When was the last time a "warm day" turned you homicidal? Is it possible we're being manipulated to look everywhere for answers but where they are?
"Chicago police believe a teenage gang member shot and killed four men at a South Side restaurant last week to avenge the fatal shooting of his father a few blocks away the previous night," the Chicago Tribune reports . "The quadruple homicide was among seven killings in the South Shore neighborhood on March 30..."
"The shooting of [the father] was part of an ongoing conflict between factions of the Gangster Disciples and Black P Stones gangs," the Chicago Sun-Times adds.
"The man was a documented gang member, a police source said."
Would it be ...untactful ... to speculate on the net effect on society had the continued activities of all involved not been so abruptly brought to a halt?

And the Chicago underworld has not been idle since that incident.  Case in point, here's what happened over the weekend:
"7 Killed, 28 Wounded In Weekend Shootings." CBS Chicago reports. "More than 815 people have been shot in the city so far this year, according to Chicago Sun-Times data."
And this, we're told, is a "good" year:
Despite the recent string of shootings, crime is actually down in some of Chicago's most violent neighborhoods ... Overall, shootings are down 13-percent.
That's despite bizarre recent headlines like:
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