Friday, March 03, 2017

Perez DNC Win Over Ellison Spells Bigger Danger

by David Codrea

Ellison takes a back seat to Perez, perhaps symbolic of new Democrat interests to pander to a preferred constituency they're helping to grow - while continuing to take one deemed more traditionally exploitable for granted. [Democratic Party - Facebook video screen capture]
"Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison fell short Saturday in his campaign to run the Democratic National Committee, losing to former Labor Secretary Tom Perez," NPR News reported. "[T]he next chairman is sure to have a pivotal role in remaking the party ahead of the 2018 midterm elections and a 2020 presidential contest. Democrats hope to feed off large protests and displays of resistance in the opening month of the Trump presidency.

Interesting, admitting they benefit from all  the "unrest" being ginned up. While both are demonstrable domestic enemies of freedom, Perez represents the bigger danger, and the one more likely to be able to push back politically against "conservative" initiatives. That's because, at least so far, he's been less of a lightning rod.
True, both he and Ellison have long histories of oath-breaking and subversion. Both are for cultural terraforming of the Republic through "immigration" and "refugee" actions to bring in and embed or sanction existing unvetted foreign nationals. And both are hostile to the right of the people to keep and bear arms.
But Ellison is more vulnerable to exploitable suspicions over his agenda and motives, not only because of his documented racism and sympathies with radical Islamists, but also because of his affiliation with Democrat Socialists of America, who found it in their political interests to (at least temporarily) retire their songs of solidarity:

Does anyone wonder why Democrat Socialists support what
they call "common sense gun safety" (i.e., citizen disarmament) laws?

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