Saturday, March 25, 2017

Malloy Forces Teacher Cuts

SOUTHINGTON -- March 21, 2017 -- Under failed Democrat Governor Dan Malloy’s newest budget proposal, Connecticut’s educators will be getting the short end of the stick. Hundreds of local school boards will be required to eliminate qualified and needed educators to make their budgets balance.
"The legacy of Governor Dan Malloy continues to be one of failed campaign promises and policies that harm residents of Connecticut" said J.R. Romano, Chairman of Connecticut Republicans.  "Our teachers deserve to be celebrated and supported, not shunned and unfunded.  If Dan Malloy wants to help education and future generations he wouldn't put towns in the situation where they have to cut 25% of their teachers to fulfill the state's obligations."

To meet the needs of Malloy’s budget, 230 teaching positions in West Hartford alone would need to be cut by next Fall.  The Hartford Courant continued: 'At a legislative liaison committee meeting Thursday night, Schools Superintendent Tom Moore said that because of the time constraints to pass a school and town-wide budget, coupled with the uncertainty of how the state will parse out state aid, all nontenured teachers – approximately 230 of 900 total teachers in the district – could receive contract non-renewal letters this May.'

"Connecticut has continued to decline under Dan Malloy with businesses departures, crumbling infrastructure, and completely stagnant job growth. Now with Connecticut’s teachers paying the price for failed leadership in Malloy’s Connecticut, it is clearer than ever that the Nutmeg State is in need of a new direction" Romano concluded.

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