Tuesday, February 07, 2017

The Old Farmer's Almanac - Have Fun Planning Your 2017 Garden

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Here are 5 of our most popular videos to help you plan a productive garden for 2017:

5 Golden Rules of Garden Planning

Good planning is the key to success. Plan well and you'll stand the best chance of reaping bumper yields.
How to Care for and Sharpen Gardening Tools

How to Avoid Common Garden Planning Mistakes

When planning your garden for the coming year, it's easy to forget about potential problems. However, with a little forethought you can avoid a lot of problems and have a much more successful gardening year.
Common Garden Planning Mistakes video

Choosing the Right Layout for Your Garden

Using dedicated vegetable beds and deciding in advance what you're going to grow where makes gardening simpler, more efficient, and more productive.
Choosing the Right Layout for Your Garden

Crop Rotation Made Simple

Crop rotation is key to the success of a vegetable garden after the first year but for many gardeners it just adds another headache to the planning process.
Crop Rotation Made Simple

5 Ideas to Help You Start Growing Earlier This Year

Warmer days may still be some way off, but you can start off many vegetables today to enjoy a super-early start to your growing season.
5 Ideas to Help You Start Growing Earlier This Year
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