Friday, February 24, 2017

CT Gov. Covers for Failed Policies by Increasing Fees on Gun Owners

Senate Votes to Block Obama Social Security Administration Gun Ban; Legislation Heads to President Trump
On Wednesday morning, the U.S. Senate voted 57-43 in favor of H.J.Res.40, which would block the implementation of an Obama-era rule under which the Social Security Administration (SSA) would report the names of tens of thousands of beneficiaries annually to the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) in order to prohibit them from purchasing firearms. Under the Congressional Review Act, Congress is permitted to overrule a federal regulation, within a 60 day window, using an expedited legislative procedure that is not subject to the Senate’s filibuster rule. Earlier this month, the House of Representatives passed this measure by a vote of 235-180. This important legislation now heads to President Donald Trump.
Urge Your Senators to Confirm Ryan Zinke!
Urge Your Senators to Confirm Ryan Zinke!
Two weeks ago, the U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources approved President Donald Trump’s nominee for Secretary of the Interior, Rep. Ryan Zinke (R-Mont.). A confirmation vote on Zinke’s nomination is expected soon in the full Senate.

NRA-Backed Resolution to Stop Obama Attack on State Wildlife Management Passes House
NRA-Backed Resolution to Stop Obama Attack on State Wildlife Management Passes House
On Friday, the U.S. House of Representatives passed H.J. Res. 69, a measure that would use the Congressional Review Act to repeal an Obama-era rule passed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) to preempt Alaskan management of wildlife on National Wildlife Refuges within the state. 
Media Smears the Disabled, Misinforms on Social Security Gun Ban
Media Smears the Disabled, Misinforms on Social Security Gun Ban
Last week, the Richmond Times-Dispatch issued an editorial titled, “Time to license guns - for journalists,” which cited an embarrassing string of journalistic blunders to illustrate the media’s dearth of firearms knowledge. The piece concluded, “The ignorance is embarrassing, but it does make the media’s support for gun control a tad more explicable: People fear what they don’t understand.” The Richmond Times-Dispatch is right to point out that ignorance plays a role in the media’s biased coverage of firearms issues. However, given the legacy media’s loathsome reporting of recent legislative efforts to block an 11th-hour Obama-era Social Security Administration (SSA) gun ban, it is difficult to consider the media’s inaccurate firearms coverage as anything but willful.
Connecticut Governor Covers for Failed Policies by Increasing Fees on Gun Owners
Connecticut Governor Covers for Failed Policies by Increasing Fees on Gun Owners
Times are tough in the Constitution State, where Democrat governor Dannel Malloy of Connecticut, despite governing the fifth wealthiest state in the nation, where 25% of households earn more than $100,000 and 10% earn more than $200,000 a year, the state is facing a two-year, $3.6 billion deficit. The budget crunch is no surprise, given that his economic and tax policies have caused General Electric to relocate its headquarters to Boston, with Aetna and Duracell contemplating similar moves.
NRA: Confirmation of Ryan Zinke a Sound Move
NRA: Confirmation of Ryan Zinke a Sound Move
The five million men and women of the National Rifle Association are eager to see Rep. Ryan Zinke confirmed as the 52nd secretary of the Interior. His confirmation will mark the end of an era of hostility toward hunters and sportsmen at the Interior Department.
Download the Official NRA-ILA App Today!
Download the Official NRA-ILA App Today!
Thanks to all your hard work last year, the Second Amendment saw resounding victories on Election Day 2016. From local state legislature races, to governor races, to Congress and the United States presidency, YOU showed up to elected pro-gun lawmakers into office. YOU did that. 


Alabama Alabama
Alabama: Constitutional/Permitless Carry Bill Scheduled for Committee Hearing
Hawaii Hawaii
Hawaii: Hearing Protection Legislation Passes Out of Committee; Anti-Gun Bill Scheduled for Committee Hearing Next Week
Indiana Indiana
Indiana: Victim Defense Bill Headed to House Floor
Kansas Kansas
Kansas: House Committee Defeats Anti-Gun Legislation
Maryland Maryland
Maryland: General Assembly Schedules Annual Gun Day – Numerous Firearm Bills to be Heard
Massachusetts Massachusetts
Massachusetts: Legislation Introduced to Challenge AG Healey’s Gun Ban
Minnesota Minnesota
Minnesota: Bill to Prevent the Prohibition of Lead Shot Needs to be Scheduled for Committee Action
Montana Montana
Montana: Constitutional/Permitless Carry Legislation Headed to the Governor’s Desk
New Hampshire New Hampshire
New Hampshire: Anti-Gun Bills Voted Down in House of Representatives!

New Hampshire: Your Urgent Action Needed to Ensure Constitutional/Permitless Carry Bill Becomes Law!
Rhode Island Rhode Island
Rhode Island: Anti-Gun Bills Stacking up at the Statehouse
South Carolina South Carolina
South Carolina: Pro-Gun Bills Continue to Move through Legislature
South Dakota South Dakota
South Dakota: Constitutional/Permitless Carry Legislation Passes Committee
Tennessee Tennessee
Tennessee: Busy Year Ahead as Important Pro-Gun and Anti-Gun Bills Get Filed
Vermont Vermont
Vermont: Law-Abiding Gun Owners and Hunters are Being Targeted Once Again
Washington Washington
Washington: One Anti-Gun Substitute Dies in Committee, Another is Headed to the House Floor
Wisconsin Wisconsin
Wisconsin: CCW Renewal Legislation Passes Committee with Unanimous Vote
Wyoming Wyoming
Wyoming: Pro-Gun legislation Passes out of Committee

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