Sunday, February 05, 2017

Connecticut Democrats Temper Tantrums

ICYMI This Week:

Connecticut Democrats Temper Tantrums
Since the inauguration CT Democrats have been swift to denounce and block anything President Trump says or does. Malloy started by implying the President's inauguration speech was an un-American and insincere campaign style speech designed only for his supporters. Other CT Democrats have come out to support Malloy's anti-Trump attitude; most notably on the President's nominations. Within hours of the President's Supreme court nomination of the Honorable Colorado Judge Neil Gorsuch, Sen. Dick Blumenthal spoke to the media saying he has "doubts" over this pick.  He also said he has decided to do anything in his power to block this nomination because Goursuch does not fit into "the main-stream."

Chris Murphy: Make Connecticut Unsafe Again!
President Trump has made it his mission to spend his first 100 days in office to begin tackling the broken system being used to accept refugees. The President, following in President Obama's footsteps, issued a 90-day immigration pause from troubled Middle-Eastern countries to make sure the vetting process is perfect. Democrats nation-wide have twisted this move by calling it a "Muslim Ban."  Senator Chris Murphy has already authored a bill to stop the President's orders, which is supported by the rest of Connecticut's delegation.These un-American Democrats are attacking the President's actions with no attempt to find another solution; just jumping to condemn this action for their own political goals.
CT GOP Chairman JR Romano has slammed these opponents by explaining they are trying unsuccessfully to embarrass our President. They lost the election and they cannot accept it so they’re going to do everything necessary to undermine the democratic process.

Luke Bronin: Searching for more $$ to fund his failing city
Harford's Mayor Luke Bronin tried to publicly embarrass President Trump and his orders to stop funding sanctuary Cities. Shockingly enough, Hartford is one of Connecticut's two sanctuary cities and is facing a disastrous budget.   Bronin is claiming President Trump has no legal grounds to stop funding cities that are in violation of federal laws. This is clearly politically motivated as Hartford has no way to come close to filling their budget deficit except with hand outs from surrounding towns.

Don't Tax Fluffy
Two years after Governor Dan Malloy won reelection with campaign promises of a balanced budget and no tax increases, Connecticut is again drastically looking for new ways to shake down taxpayers to help solve a massive deficit. So far ideas Democrat lawmakers have put forward are: a tax on sugary drinks, a tax on fantasy sports, a tax on plastic bags, an increase in sales tax, registering house cats, and an increase in personal property tax.

Kevin Lembo: Running for Governor?
After more than a year of panic over Connecticut's rising deficit, it seems our Comptroller, Kevin Lembo, has found an $8.7 million surplus. Magic math appears to be used when calculating this figure: Connecticut faces a $1.3 billion deficit.  This announcement on top of the Comptroller using his state resources to put out a policy paper including a platform fit for a gubernatorial campaign and an attack on #TrustFundTed Kennedy's campaign leads us to believe he's all in for 2018.  Is there unrest in the rank and file members of the party?
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