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Sneak Peek Inside Dress Rehearsal for Goodspeed's A SIGN OF THE TIMES

"Downtown," "Rescue Me," "You Don't Own Me," "The In Crowd"
and more!

Purple Heart Homes - Hearts of Honor

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Meet & Greet with Matthew Corey - August 3rd

Join Matthew for a meet and greet on Wednesday, August 3rd at The Tobacco Shop in Hartford! Support Matthew and learn about the positive impact he will make in Connecticut's 1st District as its next Congressman! Click here to RSVP.

Meet & Greet with Matthew Corey

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Wigs for Kids Documentary - “From My Head to Hers”

Wigs For Kids Logo
Winner of a Google Breakthrough in Technology Award, Maria Alvarez’s film “From My Head to Hers” documents the process of creating a Hair Replacement System from Wigs for Kids – from hair donor to recipient and everything in between.
Follow along as we meet Kenzie, who was diagnosed with Alopecia at 9 months old. She has lost all her hair, as Alopecia means the immune system attacks hair follicles, labeling them “invaders.” Kenzie, who loves doing hair but doesn’t have any of her own, has applied for a hairpiece from Wigs for Kids. She’s received a fitting for a custom cap that her wig will be created from and is now waiting for it to be created.
Meanwhile, Maria Alvarez, an aspiring filmmaker, decides to make a difference and document her experience. She cuts off 14 inches of her long locks, and devotes herself to visiting the facility in Italy where her hair will be transformed into a custom hairpiece made just for Kenzie.
Ms. Alvarez’s stunning film delves into the way the hairpiece manufacturer logs Kenzie’s desired hair color and texture, scalp color and other information to get the wig started. The film shows how an exact replica of Kenzie’s skull is created with 3D printing technology, and a biomedical polymer is developed to simulate the scalp. We see how donated ponytails get blended together and then individually inserted by hand to become Kenzie’s new hairpiece. Watch as Kenzie wears her hairpiece for the first time, and as her mom says she recognizes her daughter’s “happy face.”
Google has recognized this film for highlighting the use of technology to solve a problem and make the world a better place while aspiring to promote diversity in technology. We hope it helps you understand the process behind Wigs for Kids hairpieces – and the reason we continue to create these custom wigs for kids who need them.

Special Thanks to Maria Alvarez, the Alvarez family and Aquage for your continued support of Wigs for Kids!
Jeffery Paul 
Wigs For Kids

Cat Tails Summer Newsletter - The Fast and the Furriest!



Attached is our Summer Newsletter - We hope that you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it.

Included in our newsletter is a letter from the President and ways you can volunteer for our wonderful organization.  In addition, you will meet some of our kitties who are up for adoption and some of those who have already been adopted and their success stories!
Sit and Beg Event - Saturday, August 6, 2016
Stop and Shop - Middletown, CT
416 East Main St

Friday, July 29, 2016

Roots in Ripon: A Miraculous Impact

My Photo

Roots in Ripon
25 July 2016
Chuck Roots

A Miraculous Impact

It was the fall of 1998. I had just accepted the call to be the senior pastor of the Ripon Free Methodist Church.

Before I could begin my ministry in Ripon, I needed to complete a military commitment I had made which required me to spend all of September working on creating a new web page for the Navy Chief of Chaplains at the Pentagon. It was a great time! I was able to stay at my brother’s home just outside of our nation’s capital, commuting into D.C. every morning, wending my way through the insanity which is the Beltway gridlock, and going for a run on the streets of Washington D.C. during my lunch hour.

However, I was anxious to return home to California and begin my new ministry in Ripon. My family and I were living some 20 miles south of Ripon in the town of Turlock where we had settled after I had left active duty as a Navy chaplain. In August of ’98 the superintendent for the Free Methodist Church asked me to prayerfully consider being the pastor of the Ripon church. Isaura and I definitely heard God’s call to Ripon, and made all preparations to assume this new venture.

Jerry and Gayle Mottweiler had been members of the Ripon Free Methodist Church since the mid-80s. When I arrived they were in their early 60s. Each had grown up in the Free Methodist Church. Jerry’s father had been a pastor, serving churches in the Mid-West and California. Jerry’s older brother was also a pastor and had even become a superintendent. Gayle was from the Pacific Northwest, eventually meeting Jerry in Sacramento.

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital - Go, Shon, Go!

Go, Shon, go!


Go, Shon, go!

Shon's future was planned out: college football at Auburn, then a career in the NFL. But, when he learned he had cancer, Shon's dreams were put on hold. Read Shon's story.

Thinking of others

Thinking of others

St. Jude patient Kyle had a brilliant idea the month before completing treatment for a cancerous tumor.  Read Kyle's story, and find out how he gave back to the hospital that he felt gave so much to him.


A small town unites

A small town unites

See how an Illinois community of 6,000 rallies each year to raise funds for the children of St. Jude.

Summer celebrations

Summer celebrations

ALSAC President and CEO Richard C. Shadyac Jr. celebrates the volunteers and donors who never stop supporting St. Jude, even during summer.

Stay cool this summer

Stay cool this summer

Check out new summer shirts and polos at the St. Jude Gift Shop. Every item purchased benefits the kids of St. Jude.

Donate Now

You can help win $1 million for the kids of St. Jude. Vote St. Jude as your favorite charity today!

"FROM BEHIND BARS" - A Series, Part 58

Creative Writing
Photo from Santa Clara Adult Ed
This is the fifty eighth in a series of letters written to and from someone currently in the custody of
the Connecticut Department of Correction.  Three times per week, Mon., Wed., and Friday, one letter will be published until we catch up to the present day, at which time letters will be published as they are received.

In this issue, our correspondent's pen pal talks about the Indy 500, a segment of the Jim Vicevich program, his ailing father and his good friend.

Most of us likely don't know anyone who is incarcerated; much less do we correspond with someone who is. These letters are being submitted anonymously. They have been, and will be, redacted to protect the privacy of the writer and the writer's family and friends.

These letters started out rather "slow" but as time went by, they became more personal, revealing the emotional and physical distresses faced by those committed to Connecticut's prisons. These distresses are not confined (no pun intended) to just the prisoner, but extend to the prisoner's family and friends. And we pay for it.

After examining the trial transcripts and speaking extensively to others who have first hand and intimate knowledge of the matter, I am of the opinion that this person is innocent of the crime for which he was convicted; his council being incompetent and ineffective.  Please keep an open mind and take the letters at face value.

Anyone wishing to write to our correspondent may send a letter to and I will see it is forwarded.  In the subject line, please put “Behind Bars” and address your letter to “Dear Pen Pal”.  While I can’t promise a personal response, I will see to it that you get it, if you provide me with your mailing address.  I will also publish your letters, both to and from, after first redacting any personally identifying information.  The writer’s identity will never be disclosed.  That info will forever remain confidential.

Day X

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Intolerance Comes to Oxford

Intolerance Comes to Oxford You are only free when you agree


Dear People of Oxford,

I want you to know of the anti-freedom behavior that is attacking our beloved town. There are those on the left that are tolerant only when we agree with them.

It has come to my attention that businesses displaying Trump signs are being vilified and threatened with boycott if the signs don't come down. Regardless of whether or not we agree with a political view, to attack our first amendment right is unacceptable. If anyone knows of vendors this has been happening to, please share that information with others so our FREE community can stand in solidarity with them and support the right to free speech irrespective of political affiliation. Let's make our defense of freedom heard by patronizing these businesses. This Stalinist behavior cannot stand in America.

We have been seeing this happen in other communities. To see it happen in this, our close-knit suburban town just demonstrates the anger and intolerance of the very people who claim to embrace diversity.

The "tolerance" embraced by the left is merely another form of intolerance.  Their cries for "diversity" exist only on a superficial level; i.e. skin color and ethnicity.  There is no tolerance for diversity of thought or belief.  The left wish to impose their form of homogeneous thinking on everyone and those who disagree are vilified. Editor

Opinion: Have we lost our way in America? by Rob Sampson


Every so often, I will hear from someone who is upset with the way Democrats and Republicans seem to constantly be at odds.   I thought since this month has been relatively quiet from state government standpoint, this is a good opportunity to address that topic.
Every candidate for political office has their own reasons for getting involved.  For me, it’s been my desire to protect and defend the fundamental principles America was founded upon, those that make us great and have led to our success and quality of life.  I want to be sure future generations have the same opportunities we have had.
A political campaign at any level is always an ordeal and those that have done it or have been close to those who have, family members, campaign staff and volunteers, would attest to the emotional roller coaster it can be.  For sure it can be fun and exciting!  There are always great days where the press reports the story just the way you see it, or someone might praise your efforts while you are on their doorstep.  There are bad days too, your opponent might make outrageous false claims about you or a reporter will ignore the points you explained to them when writing a story, or maybe it just rains on you when you are out door knocking far from the car.
The point is that it’s a lot of work and stress to run for office and take it from me, it doesn’t just go away when you get elected.  Because I have done it a few times now and know exactly what it takes, I have a natural respect for those that take the plunge, regardless of their politics or their political party.  Certainly on the local or state level, there is not a lot of money or fame to be had so the motivation must have its roots in a desire to change and improve the world we live in.

American Political Zone - 2nd Dist. Candidate Daria Novak Discusses Current Events

American Political Zone is a very interesting and well produced program.  The commentators are among the most knowledgeable and informed in the media.  This program is highly recommended.

In this episode of "American Political Zone" Daria and Frank Vernuccio discuss the attempted coup in Turkey, America's landing on the moon and the advancements in technology, regression of human fights in certain countries, European perception of the American political process and the upcoming election, manipulation of the media and more.

Goodspeed Musicals July Member Newsletter

July 2016
Goodspeed Thanks Amica for their 2016 Sponsorship of Bye Bye Birdie
Amica invites you to be in the know...
Take an insider's view of Bye Bye Birdie
Backstage 101
The Goodspeed, East Haddam

Sessions offered: SOLD OUT
Saturday, August 6 at 10:00 A.M. (sold out)
Sunday, August 7 at 9:30 A.M. (sold out)
Monday, August 8 at 5:30 P.M. (sold out)

HOWEVER, hour-long tours conducted by the Goodspeed Guild are open to the public every Saturday between 11am and 1pm from June to October. Free to Members - just present your card!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Wikileaks Reveals Esty is Puppet of DNC

CTGOP Press Release                                                

DATE:  July 27, 2016

Wikileaks Reveals Esty is Puppet of DNC

Emails show DNC orchestrated media appearances,
controlled Esty statements on gun control and Trump.

Mocking of Sanders’ Jewish faith reminiscent of Greenberg in 2014

“Elizabeth Esty has abandoned the people of the 5th District to advance the political goals of the Democratic National Committee,” said JR Romano, chairman of the Connecticut Republican Party.

“The revelations from the recent Wikileaks disclosure of emails from DNC senior officials are absolutely stunning,” he continued. “They show Esty as nothing more than a mouthpiece for the DNC, showing up when and where they direct, and mouthing the very words and phrases crafted by DNC staffers.” (1)

“Whether it is gun control or anti-Trump messaging, the emails from Wikileaks show that when her political bosses at the DNC tell Esty to jump, she responds with “How high?” on the way up.”
“Nowhere in these emails is there any mention of the people of the 5th District, only the DNC’s preoccupation with using Esty’s office as a U.S. Congresswoman – and her apparent willingness to be used -- to achieve its political goals.”

Debbie Blabbermouth Schultz Fired! Grand Jury Investigates Malloy! DNC Circus!

About those "Damn Emails" and Grand Jury Investigation

Have you seen the mess in Philadelphia?  Democrats are completely unraveling at their convention, and Connecticut is playing a big role.

Here are a few highlights of recent 'Democrat Disasters':

>>> Governor Dan Malloy, Hillary Clinton's high profile surrogate became the target of a Grand Jury investigation into illegal campaign contributions. The federal probe into illegal fundraising with the Connecticut Democratic Party has become a scandal that could reach into the fabric of the Connecticut's political class.

>>> Over the weekend, swaths of DNC emails were released, showing corruption, prejudice and backroom deals to steal the Democratic presidential nomination for Hillary Clinton.  Leading this assault on democracy was none other than DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a longtime Clinton ally.  Wasserman Schultz has since agreed to step down as DNC Party Chair, an embarrassing move right before their convention.

Sen. Fasano: Malloy Embraces CT Mileage Tax Study

State Senator Len Fasano

Like many of you, I continue to strongly oppose a new CT tax on every mile you drive.
Please watch this News 8 story to learn more. Feel free to share your comments with me at
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Connect with Len: | About Len | Newsroom
The 34th District
Sent by:
State Senator Len Fasano
300 Capitol Avenue
Hartford, CT. 06106
Phone: 1-800-842-1421

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