Friday, December 02, 2016

Middletown High Parent Pissed

To the Editor of The Middletown Insider,

Typically you get letters and articles about politics and such, and I’m not sure if this counts as an “and such”, but the topic is very simply, Our Local Sports Programs (& Our Kids that Play Them), and the regulatory agency that profits off of them when it seems convenient.

I was on Twitter the other night, and I asked a gentleman associated with a local online station that covers Middletown High football, pretty much; “Hey, what gives? You did games right along, and now that we’re in the Playoffs, you bail on us? What’s the deal?”  He politely informed me that the CIAC, (Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference) charges stations wishing to have the right to broadcast the playoff games $200 per game!

I happen to know that the station has been covering Middletown and area sports for years now, is an all- volunteer station.  While they have sponsors, that’s just so they can keep the lights on.  No one there is drawing a salary.  They do this for the kids and they’ve always done this for the kids.  So, the question is; why, all of a sudden, does the CIAC need to charge a station $200 when that station has been doing games right along all year, for free?

CIAC, by the way, is also supposedly a non-profit organization.  Furthermore, if a television station wants to broadcast a game, it’s a $1000 charge per game.  Is Channel 3 paying this?  Are Channel 8, 30, & 61 paying this?  The point is, why is a supposed non-profit organization, suddenly deciding that they need this money; just because kids achieved their goals, and won?  Is this how we support our kids?  By further separating them from media coverage they so rightfully deserved, because a non- profit station that was there from day #1, suddenly can’t, because they can’t swing two hondo’s?

I’m sorry, and this message is directed at CIAC: CIAC, you are hindering our children’s success. Instead of supporting them, and letting them get the notoriety they so deserve, instead, you’re holding them hostage.  These kids are on the verge of college.  On the verge of the rest of their lives, and their success means nothing to you, and that, is sad.


A Terribly Disappointed Middletown High Parent

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