Sunday, October 02, 2016

Latino State Legislators Urge (Latino) Residents to Vote

Hispanic voters rally around Trump,
Encourage voter registration for National Latino Voter Registration Month

Latino Connecticut state legislators presented a citation on National Voter Registration Day to Connecticut’s Latino community urging full voter participation. The citation was given in honor of National Latino Voter Registration Month, which takes place throughout September.

The 13 state legislators encouraged Connecticut Latino residents to register to vote and participate fully in the electoral process.

According to the Pew Research Center, Connecticut has the 18th largest Hispanic population in the nation. Fifteen percent of Connecticut’s population is Latino, and 280,000 Latino residents are eligible to vote in Connecticut.
“I cannot think of a more important time for Latino residents of our state to register to vote,” Rep. Matthew Lesser (D-Middletown) said. “Voter participation is critical for all citizens of our state. My mother is an immigrant from Argentina and I remember how important it was to her the first time she was able to vote.”
“Our Latino communities, which are diverse and continually growing, will play an increasingly integral role in the future of our state and country and our participation in local, state and federal elections is essential to full participation in our great democracy,” Rep. Jason Rojas (D-East Hartford, Manchester) said.  “I encourage everyone to register to vote but more importantly to educate themselves on candidates' positions and get out and vote on Election Day.”
“Engaging our Latino community in the political process and getting them to the polling place can sometimes be challenging,” Rep. Hilda Santiago (D-Meriden) said. “During my years of community and public service, I have witnessed firsthand the need to educate and motivate Latinos to register and vote. I applaud this voter registration drive and urge all my ‘hermanos y amigos latinos’ to register and vote if they want to make a difference in their own communities - particularly in this election.”
“Exercising your right to vote is the most important action you can take to make your voice heard by your elected representatives,” Rep. Christopher Rosario (D-Bridgeport) said. “I urge everyone to register, and if registered, to vote.”

“This year's election may very well be the most critical election we have faced in decades, if ever,” Rep. Edwin Vargas (D-Hartford) said. “There is no better way to celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month than to register to vote and then going to the polls in November to cast your vote.”
I urge all Latinos who are eligible to vote, to register,” said Rep. Juan Candelaria (D-New Haven). “Every citizen of this country should ensure that their voice matters, and that their vote is counted. Every vote counts.”

“Voting is, without a doubt, the heart of democracy. Your vote is your voice,” Rep. Geraldo Reyes (D-Waterbury) said. “It allows residents the opportunity to have a say in the government’s policies and additionally holds leaders responsible for their actions. However, residents cannot have a say in taxes, services or policies if they do not take the first step and register to vote. For that reason, I encourage all Latino residents to register to vote and make their voices heard on Election Day.”
“Voting is an opportunity for residents to use their voice and choose a leader that best represents their interests,” Rep. Ezequiel Santiago said. “Whoever leads your government –whether it be at the local, state or national level – will in some way effect your community. In order to make sure communities are changed for the better, residents need to vote on Election Day. I strongly urge all Latino residents to register to vote, for it is the only way to ensure their interests are represented in future governmental policies.”

Connecticut residents eligible to vote can register online in either English or Spanish at .

The deadline for online and mail-in voter registration is Tuesday, November 1 to be eligible to vote in the November 8 election. Connecticut also has Election Day Registration, available at a designated location in each town on Election Day.

Tess Koenigsmark
Press Aide
House Democrats Office

Note:  Lesser doesn't tell you his mother is of European descent; I've more Latin blood than he does.  And, Isn't this racist?  I mean, if there was a legislative Anglo/European caucus, wouldn't people be up in arms crying "foul"?  Why isn't there a "National Anglo Voter Registration Month"?

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