Monday, October 17, 2016

Assassination Attempt Against Angel Cadena, 3rd District Congressional Candidate?

At 9:55 this morning what looks to be a bullet struck the windshield of a truck being driven by 3rd District Congressional Candidate, Angel Cadena.

Cadena said, "Seriously, I just took a small arms round to my truck window from the side of the windshield, but it didn't penetrate.  It would have been a great shot from the woods; I was going at least 60." Had it penetrated the window, (it) "Probably would have got my throat", he said.

The incident occurred in New York on I-95, right before a toll both about five mile from the Connecticut border. 

When asked if he was sure it was a bullet and not a rock, the USMC combat veteran and experienced truck driver said, "Yes; it was a high speed impact; too fast of an impact to be a pebble and pebbles don't travel perpendicular to vehicles."

Angel went on to say, "Maybe it was just some random kids messing around with a pellet rifle.  Whatever it was, it ricocheted upwards at a slight angle from the passenger side; the angle is up and towards the front."

While this was likely not an actual assassination attempt, it is certainly suspiciously coincidental that a Congressional candidate would be the victim of a random shooting or a carelessly fired stray bullet, just weeks before election day.

When a friend jokingly said to him; "Better check Rosa's alibi!"  (Referring to incumbent Congressman Rosa DeLauro)  Angel replied in his charcteristic good humor, "I don't think she can shoot that good. A couple clicks of wind age and it would have gone right through the side window."


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