Thursday, September 29, 2016

Daria Novak
Daria Novak
“If Joe Courtney has any integrity he’ll start returning their money right now”, says Daria Novak, Republican Candidate for Congress in Connecticut’s Second Congressional District.

Madison, Connecticut  – “There is a Federal probe underway, two people have already been named in ‘pay for play’ and the Democrat Party in Connecticut is under a Federal Grand Jury Investigation”, stated Daria Novak, the Republican nominee for Congress in Connecticut’s second congressional district. ”Joe Courtney needs to come clean, declare and return any money he’s ever taken from the Connecticut Democrat Party and not allow them to spend any money in this district.”

Novak, who is gaining momentum and running even or ahead of incumbent Democrat Joe Courtney in polls, is determined to end the culture of corruption that shadows politics in Connecticut and Washington.

“In Congress I’m not going to be sitting down on the job like Joe Courtney, or taking play for pay deals to fill political or personal coffers.”, continued Novak. “The people of Connecticut’s second congressional district deserve better from all of us. C’mon Joe…denounce that corruption and let’s make this election about issues. I’ll meet you face to face as often as you dare, all over the district. Let’s earn votes, not buy them.”

Contact: Meilia Picquet
                (475) 227-9721

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