Thursday, September 22, 2016

State Reps Dubitsky & France Discuss Future Gun Control Bills

Appearing September 6, 2016 on The Lee Elci Show, State Reps Doug Dubitsky and Mike France were asked a key question by the host regarding the likelihood of future gun control bills in the legislature.

The discussion that followed was very foretelling of what is, and is not likely to happen in the next legislative session. The entire segment is 15 minutes long and well worth listening to, but if you’re pressed for time and just want to hear the part about guns you can fast-forward to the 5:45 mark.

As we have been saying since the last legislative session, 2016 may be the most important election for gun owners in the history of Connecticut.

As a reminder of what our members can do to make a difference in the upcoming election, CCDL has a published list of endorsed candidates who need our help and support. Please contact Pro 2nd Amendment candidates in or near your House and Senate legislative districts, and ask how you can help them before November elections.

Just a small amount of time spent helping can make a difference in whether or not a candidate wins or loses. Rest assured if our side loses, there will be more gun control bills that pass and become law.

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