Monday, September 26, 2016

CT News Junkie - Documents Contradicting Statements About Future Rail Route Disappear

Two groups opposed to a new high-speed Amtrak rail line through an historic section of Old Lyme are claiming that records they obtained show that recent public hearings are a charade and that approval for the project is a done deal despite opposition. Rail officials adamantly deny the accusation.
SECoast and the Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation, the two groups opposed to the new route, said that the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) finalized maps for a new Amtrak high-speed rail route through Connecticut as early as April 6, 2016, and state officials knew about it no later than mid-July.
The documents, which are no longer available on the federal Advisory Council for Historic Preservation website, contradict months of denials by both the FRA . . .

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