Wednesday, August 24, 2016

This Week's "American Political Zone " - Slavery in the World, Today - Including in the United States

The American Political Zone - A Political Commentary on Current Events
from August 17th

Featuring Daria Novak, 2nd District Congressional Candidate and President of the Institute for American Politics, and Frank Vernuccio, New York Analysis Policy and Government, The American Political Zone is now a regular feature in the Middletown Insider.

One of the best political discussion programs you can find, our hosts possess a vast knowledge of current affairs and they share this with us in a lively and interesting fashion.
Today's guests are Herb Stupp and Nelly Niyonzim, the topics are:

Segment one:  The public's mistrust of government and media, how statistics are viewed, the real unemployment and inflation rates, Social Security cost of inflationary living allowances, the administration's block of COLA for military members, how the media has lost its objectivity, the transfer of internet control from the United States to an international body and the release of GITMO prisoners.

Segment two:  Herb Stupp, ( a former editorial director who served in the Giuliani administration, talks about media bias in coverage of this year's presidential campaign, how the media has ignored the Benghazi matter, the email crisis and other scandals surrounding the campaign of Clinton, the absurd way the media reports on Trump, anti-America, anti-Republican and anti-Trump views of the European press, the contrast between Ronald Reagan, who was respected by our allies and adversaries, and Barack Obama who is not respected at all, the German drift away from Angela Merkle, more.

Segment 3:  The coming presidential debates and questions about Hillary's health and the videos that appear to show her having seizures and needing help climbing stairs, Kenyan Nelly Niyonzim, who recently addressed the United Nations, calls in from Africa and talks about the girls kidnapped by Boco Haram, the exploitation of women and children in Africa and the role of religious leaders in dealing with the problem of forced labor (slavery).  After Nelly's visit, Daria and Frank continue the discussion of slavery in the world, buying a slave for $90, slavery in US, today and the backwardness of Sharia law.

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