Carter: 'No Comment' is not good enough 

BETHEL, CT: Republican US Senate Candidate Dan Carter's statement on developments regarding US relations with Iran: 

"For nearly forty years as a career politician Senator Blumenthal has sought out the media to promote his efforts on everything from 'ugly food,' and AstroTurf, to airline seats," said Carter. "But when it comes to answering tough questions, or taking a position on things like a $400 million ransom payment to Iran for the release of American hostages his answer is 'No comment' and that's not good enough.

"Iran is the world's foremost state sponsor of terror and Senator Blumenthal cast the deciding vote that allowed $150 Billion to flow to their coffers, putting Americans and our allies in danger," said Carter. "Now we have heard from the Obama Department of Justice that they advised against the $400 million payment, but the President did it anyway."  

"The United States has a long history of not negotiating with terrorists, not paying ransom and sanctioning rather than giving money to nation states who view our country as the 'Great Satan' and a sworn enemy," said Carter.  

"Senator Blumenthal wants to have his cake and eat it too," said Carter. "He wants to tell the voters he's 'concerned,' tell the media 'no comment,' vote to support this dangerous foreign policy agenda, and hope nobody figures it all out."  

"Putting a price on American lives is dangerous, negotiating with terrorists is foolish, and giving billions of dollars to a nation state who would keep Americans hostage in the first place is irresponsible and embarrassing," said Carter. "Senator Blumenthal must answer for his support of these policies."