Friday, August 12, 2016

CtPost - (Another) Connecticut Corporation Moving

Rogers Corp., which makes materials and components for everything from defense systems to running shoes, is hitting the road for Chandler, Ariz. where it is moving its headquarters after more than 180 years of being based in Eastern Connecticut. (Joshua Bessex, Photo: JOSHUA BESSEX / SEATTLEPI.COM / SEATTLEPI.COM

Connecticut corporation moving HQ to Arizona

Rogers Corp. is moving its headquarters from its namesake town in Eastern Connecticut to Arizona, becoming the latest corporation to exit Connecticut.

Rogers Corp. (NYSE: ROG) makes a range of materials and components for varying industries, from circuit boards used in radar systems to foam antimicrobial material used in running shoes. In the second quarter, Rogers Corp. made $5.7 million on revenue of $157 million, with sales off 4 percent from a year ago.

In a Monday press release, CEO Bruce Hoechner said the company’s move to Chandler, Ariz. . . .
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