BETHEL, CT: Republican US Senate Candidate Dan Carter's statement on the Nice, France terror attack:

"Today we wake up to a world devastated by yet another senseless act of terror," said Carter. "While the investigation is still ongoing, we know the goal of the perpetrators was to kill as many innocent victims as possible by any means necessary."

"Senator Blumenthal and Democrats in Washington have worked very hard to distract attention from fighting terrorism by focusing instead on the weapons used because their policies, like voting for the Iran nuclear deal, weakened America and our allies against terrorists," said Carter. "Should we expect Senator Blumenthal to suggest a ban on box trucks now?"

"By voting to allow $150 Billion to flow to Iran, the world's foremost state sponsor of terror, Senator Blumenthal effectively neutralized counter terrorism efforts across the globe, the evidence has never been more clear than it is today," said Carter. "No sit-in, filibuster, or fundraising e-mail will put an end to terrorists desire to commit mass murder and instill fear in the hearts of freedom loving people, by any means necessary."