Friday, June 24, 2016

Mayor Drew Possibly to Run For Governor. Not on My Watch

Former mayoral candidate Brian Clark
To the Editor,
Many people know how criminally minded, underhanded and egocentric Dan Drew is, but I for a fact, know this personally, as I ran against him in the last Mayoral Election. Now, he has his eyes set on the Governor's Office. Well, let's be honest, he's always had his eyes on the Governor's Office, but he wasn't done screwing Middletown yet. Since the Election last year, sure, positive things have happened, but those things were set in motion long before Dan Drew moved to town. And since Dan Drew has been in office, we're all familiar with being broke and in debt- with no plans of getting us out of that debt- and we're sure as hell getting familiar with the inside of a courtroom, after countless lawsuits against him, and the City of Middletown, for illegal acts he committed as Mayor.

Dan Drew will tout all the business he brought to the city, and how the crime rate has dropped. And people listen to these lies and go on with their lives. No one reads beyond the headlines anymore. Dan Drew did nothing but sit in the Office of Mayor, in a city with
available space for mega- corporations, who can absorb the ridiculously high tax structure- if he didn't already give them a tax break- and the companies come in, and build, not because they care about Middletown, or Dan Drew for that matter, but because the space was ideal. And Dan Drew will be, and has been the first one to claim "he" brought so & so.

Mayor Dan Drew
That brings us to the so & so's; Namely, Starbucks, and Fed-Ex Ground. Fed-Ex is a great addition to the city, but the issue will be, the jobs they bring, will mostly be part time, and seasonal. Additionally, their drivers, are independent contractors, and you can bet they're going to stay registered as a business right where they already are. Starbucks on the other hand, was a big ol' middle finger to the Small Business owners in town that operate Coffee Shops; and there are many. The Small Coffee Shops was one thing Middletown was known for. Every one of them are great in their own ways. And the greatest part about them was, besides coffee, pastries, and a few other delectable items, that was the end of the story with them. Starbucks unfortunately brings big business problems associated with it. If you Google Starbucks, you'll get issues pertaining to Economics, Politics, and Business & Finance. Starbucks tries to be all things to all people, and they do a stupendous job at it. If I were a Portfolio Manager, I'd be recommending buying Starbucks Stock, but that equates to a huge problem in Middletown: It screws the small business owners.

There was even an issue with the property Starbucks was interested in building on, where a drive through wasn't allowed by ordinance. Suddenly out of nowhere, came the largest pair of scissors to cut that red tape. People may not like that I'm harping on this issue so much, but it's representative of how Dan Drew operates. He'll steamroll right over the little guy, if it makes him look good. Starbucks will add jobs. Not the kind we need. They'll mainly be part time, and while you're on Google, look up training for Starbucks; its akin to a college marketing course. Will that part time job at Starbucks be enough to pay for an apartment in the new building that is being constructed at the corner of Broad and College Streets? Not likely. I won't even go into that blunder.

The last topic I'll bring up is the crime rate. Drew will say it has dropped, then again he'll also say Wharfside Commons is a fine place to live. It may be why our Police Department resembles a Division of Armored Calvary. Our Police Chief was investigated for drug crimes, privately, by the Mayor, who spent $60,000 doing so, without getting approval until it was over. The worst part was it was a criminal investigation, yet the State Police were never called. Officers were fired, illegally by the Mayor, and now the City is liable for possibly millions in compensatory damages. And Dan Drew wants to run the State of Connecticut? He can't run a lawn mower correctly, let alone the City of Middletown.

Finally, I'll end with this: If Dan Drew runs for Governor, I will be forced to form an exploratory committee to potentially run for Governor of the State of  Connecticut. As it stands, I don't like the way the State is being run. I am a registered Republican, and I will vote for Donald Trump. Unfortunately, if Hillary wins, there is absolutely no way this State can be run by a Democrat, let alone Dan Drew. The State is in enough trouble as it is. God help us if Dan Drew runs for Governor!

Brian Clark
Mayor Drew on his high horse. (All in good fun!)


  1. Brian your run for Mayor was an anchor around Sandy's neck and a huge boost for Drew's campaign. If you don't want to see Drew as Governor you should sit down and be quiet.

  2. I don't see how Clark can be blamed for that.

  3. What do they call that thing at TacoBell next-door where they hand your order to you while you stay in your car?

  4. I think that is referred to as a "drive-thru", although I see no relation to this commentary.


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