“In the Wake of Tragedy, More Politics          As Usual from Dick Blumenthal”

BETHEL, CT – Today, Republican U.S. Senate Candidate Dan Carter responded to Dick Blumenthal’s call for gun control following the horrific terror attack of June 12, 2016 carried out in Orlando, Florida: 

“Sadly for Connecticut and our nation there are politicians in Washington who care more about winning a war of words than a war against terror,” Carter said. “Innocent Americans were attacked by a Radical Islamic terrorist on American soil.  This was an act of war and we must respond accordingly.”

“Yesterday I called for pause and prayer as officials began to piece together the details and attempt to define this unspeakable and heinous attack,” added Carter. “Words matter and defining this as a terror attack and beginning to identify the motive is critical to create new solutions that deal with the constantly evolving threat of domestic terrorism.” 

“But Dick Blumenthal did exactly what he always does. He put himself and his agenda above all else,” Carter said. “The victims, their families, the LGBTQ community and Americans at large deserve better.” 

“In an attempt to score political points, Blumenthal immediately went back to his same-old talking points making yesterday's tragedy about gun violence, pitting people on both sides of this contentious issue against each other. He should be building consensus and confronting the underlying cause, which is the threat of domestic terror,” said Carter. 

“Sadly for Connecticut voters, this is not the first time Senator Blumenthal has used a national tragedy for his own political gain,” said Carter. “Senator Blumenthal was reprimanded by the New Haven Register for using the devastating mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School to raise campaign cash just four months after it occurred.” 

“Until our leaders in Washington recognize we are a nation at war with radical Islamist terrorists, with threats homegrown and abroad, our national security will remain compromised,” Carter added. “The answer is not a singular policy, but rather a new approach to confronting the threat of violent, homegrown radicalization and empowering law enforcement at every level to protect innocent Americans from these continuous attacks.”