Carter: "What is going on in Washington DC?"


BETHEL, CT – Today, Republican U.S. Senate Candidate Dan Carter commented on the ongoing developments in the investigation and response to the terror attack on the LGBTQ night club in Orlando: 

"Today the Department of Justice couldn't decide whether to share with the public critical information that illustrates the motives of a terrorist while at the same time Connecticut's junior Senator accused Republicans of selling weapons to terrorists," Carter said. "Is this really the best our government can do when responding to a terrorist attack that killed 49 innocent Americans and injured another 53?"  

"Americans have come to expect very little from their government, but I am damn sure they expect more than this," Carter added.  

"In an interview over the weekend Senator Murphy couldn't identify one law that they'd be voting on today that would have prevented last week’s terror attack, or for that matter, the Boston Marathon terrorist attack or the San Bernadino attacks," Carter said. "Clearly, Senator Murphy’s filibuster theatrics were more about distracting from the truth than finding solutions and helping the families find closure."  

"What in God's name is going on in Washington DC?" asked Carter. "Where are the calls from Senator Blumenthal for openness and transparency at the Department of Justice in releasing the actual transcripts of the terrorists calls to law enforcement? Eye witnesses have already provided these details, and now the federal government is covering it up? Why?" 

"Last week Senator Murphy said Republicans were complicit in the attack in Orlando, today he equated the gun used in last week's attack to the airplanes used on September 11th and even went so far as to say that Republicans were responsible for putting these weapons in the hands of terrorists," Carter said. "But wasn't it Senator Blumenthal who voted to give billions of dollars to Iran, the world's largest state sponsor of terror?"  

"Will Senator Blumenthal denounce the inflammatory language used by his colleague that does nothing but promote an agenda and help raise campaign cash?" Carter said. "Washington cannot work until this kind of pandering stops. We need some adults in the room who will take the threat of terror seriously and not as an excuse to raise money and political profiles." 

"I understand Senator Murphy believes he's auditioning for the role of Vice President, but there's real work to be done and there's no time to waste," Carter said. "Senator Blumenthal, where are your solutions? Where are your inquiries? We deserve better from Senator Blumenthal. After all these years you'd think he knows better."