Sunday, May 08, 2016

The Monster Vote and Trump's Appeal

This is a great video, produced by "Citizen Dale", who writes to Donald Trump expressing her support for him and advising him of the "huge, untapped pool of defiant voters, the MONSTER VOTE", the 50% block of eligible voters that do not participate.  If he can awaken them, he will win in a landslide, she says.

Her letter to Trump is exemplary of the vein into which Donald Trump has tapped, a vein of millions of disgruntled citizens who have fallen out of participation because they no longer have any faith in the system; they don't believe their voice matters or that anyone cares about them or what they think. 

Produced by Lynne Patton, a self-described " black female executive at the Trump organization", in this video she says with great emotion, "the Trump family that I know is without question one of the most generous, compassionate and philanthropic families I've known."  The Trump family stood by her during her struggle with addiction, inviting her into their homes, trusting her with every aspect of their lives and the lives of their families.  I have to admit, her words touched my heart.

In spite of all of Trumps faults that my good friend Matt has repeatedly pointed out, (and I say that with all due respect to Matt) there is no denying that his message has resonated with the People. His message has stirred something deep within the them; something that gives them hope, once again.

His wildcat, loose cannon style puts fear into the hearts of our enemies; enemies who lost respect for us when in 2009, Obama went on his world apology tour, bowing before the Saudi king, and more recently evidenced in the so-called nuclear "deal" with Iran that is of no benefit to anyone but Iran and their nuclear ambitions.  This same renegade style puts fear into the current American political class that see an end to the status quo under a Trump presidency.

I sincerely believe that we will be seeing a more serious and measured Donald Trump from here on out; one that more resembles the DJ Trump we see in the brief video below, of Oprah and Trump from 1998.

While I whole heartedly endorsed Ted Cruz in the primary, I can and will support Trump. I think Trump is smart enough, and savvy enough to tap into the best minds in the country to advise him and to serve in his cabinet.

He has already announced his pick for Attorney General, Senator Trey Gowdy, one of the best legal minds in the country with the tenacity of a bulldog. Ted Cruz is also one of the best legal minds in the country, and I see him clearly playing a part in a Trump administration.  Both men are magnanimous enough to bury the hatched for the good of the country.  Time will tell; has the sleeping giant been awakened?

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