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Suzio to Run Against Bartolomeo in 13th District

Suzio addresses delegates; Anna Neuman Adam Grippo behind
At the Republican 13th Senatorial Nomination Convention held May 11th at the Cheshire Senior Center, former Senator Len Suzio was nominated to run against long-time nemesis, Dante Bartolomeo.  Middletown Republicans were represented by Helen Landry, John Landry and William Boylan.

Len Suzio was first elected to the State Senate in 2011 when then-senator Thomas Gaffey resigned in a larceny scandal.  During his first term, Len served on the Appropriations Committee, was a ranking member of the Select Committee on Children and a member of the Education Committee.

Suzio failed to be re-elected in 2012 and again in 2014 by narrow margins in both races.  (234 votes, 0.78%, in '14 and 279 votes, 0.7% in '12, according to figures obtained from BallotPedia.)  Len asked for recounts in both elections and was turned down by  Secretary of State Democrat Denise Merill who has held office since 2010. He considered filing a lawsuit, but decided against it, disappointing many supporters.

Following the murder of convenience store owner Ibrahim Ghazal by Frankie Resto, Suzio was a vocal opponent of Gov. Malloy's "catch and release" program for violent offenders, teaming up with Dr. William Petit, who's wife and daughters were brutally murdered in a
home invasion.  Resto was serving a sentence for two armed robberies when released from prison in April 2012, after "earning" 199 days of early-release credits.

Delegates applaud
Suzio has pledged to oppose any tax increases to balance the budget. In his term as Senator, he succeeded in his fight to reduce taxes on Connecticut's working families by exposing and reducing the state's hidden gas tax, "which the Dems fought like crazy.  But eventually they caved to public pressure".

Suzio is an advocate for small, efficient government.  "Focus on core government functions:Public safety, education, transportation, public health. Strive for excellence in each government function. Privatize non-core functions."

Suzio advocates for fiscal responsibility.  "Reduce spending to what we can reasonably anticipate in revenue without assessing new taxes. Abide by the constitutional spending cap."

Suzio is an advocate for elimination of programs that do not work as intended.  "All State government programs must be result-based, with a 2-year period of review. If it is not achieving stated results, the program is eliminated. If achieving results, it will continue for 2 more years."

Suzio advocates for responsible debt management.  "Cap bonding levels which result in a debt service of no more that 10% of the annual budget. Borrowing should be restricted for public works projects, including school construction, roads and rails, serving the greater public good and creating jobs for Connecticut workers. Eliminate earmarks – Fund all projects by competitive grant to be awarded based upon measured return on investment i.e., job creation/economic development."

Bartolomeo is a known big government interventionist who promised not to raise taxes, then voted to raise taxes; in other words; she "fibbed""She broke a campaign promise and she voted for the second biggest tax increase in CT history.  Is that the kind of state senator you want representing you in Middletown at the Capitol?" says Suzio.

She is unresponsive to constituent concerns, at least when the constituent is critical of her policies and positions.  In other words, if you don't agree with her, she doesn't care what you think.

Bartolomeo is an extreme pro-abortion advocate.  While Connecticut hospitals have had hundreds of millions of state dollars taken away, she advocated for NOT reducing public funding for Planned Parenthood.  With Bartolomeo's backing; "Planned Parenthood has not lost state funding or participated in the "shared sacrifice" that the Malloy Administration proclaimed everyone would be expected to make. NARAL (the National Abortion Rights Action League), which is funded by abortionists, and Planned Parenthood both spent money to help her defeat Suzio".

In 2013, Bartolomeo signed on to SB 374, which would mandate behavior assessment (psych evaluation) of all children.  In her press release from Feb. 13, 2013, she states; "districts need some recourse if parents and students refuse to participate."  When questioned at a forum held at the Westfield Resident’s Association in 2014, she denied having made that statement, screeching at a questioner, "Prove it; prove it!"

This attitude should frighten every parent and grandparent.  Former 3rd District Congressional candidate Wayne Winsley wrote; “The proposal is Dangerous, because the government has now created a small, “big brother” that will follow my child around for the rest of her days.”

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  1. As a part of the last Suzio campaign I am very aware of the strong support he had among voters in all the towns of his district. But any Republican will have a hard time in Connecticut to win against the larger numbers of Democrat voters. So the Republicans must band together and TRY HARDER. Starting with a disadvantage it is necessary to focus and work harder to over come the Dem advantage of numbers and of money from special interest groups. If you want to be represented in Connecticut and you are a Conservative, you MUST step up and work with Senator Suzio to retake the seat from Senator Bartolomeo, who does not have your interests at heart. The difference in votes in 204 was heartbreakingly small. A very few workers could make the difference. Pat Martick, formerly of Meriden.


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