Monday, April 11, 2016

Sen. Linares - Democrats to Cut Funding for Local Schools - Sign the Petition

Serving Connecticut's 33rd District
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The Democrat majorities in the Connecticut Legislature's Appropriations Committee have passed a bill to cut state funding for local schools.

If this misguided measure passes:
*Students in towns like Clinton, Essex, Haddam, Old Saybrook, and Westbrook will bear the burden of fiscal iresponsibilities at the State Capitol.
*Local property taxes could rise.

The State's problems should not be balanced on the backs of local students and property owners, while your hard-earned tax dollars are wasted on projects like the busway between New Britain and Hartford.

Instead, structural changes must be made to the State budget.

Do you agree with me?

If so, click HERE to sign the petition so together we can send that message!

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