Thursday, April 14, 2016

Rep. Sampson: There's a Better Way to Protect Victims

There's a better way to protect victims of domestic violence than more ineffective gun control.There's a better way to protect victims of domestic violence than more ineffective gun control. 

Recently while serving as a member of the legislature's judiciary committee, I had the opportunity to debate a highly controversial bill that would modify the law regarding Temporary Restraining Orders and would require that anyone subject to an ex parte TRO to surrender their firearms immediately. An ex parte order is one based soley on a sworn statement from the applicant and provides no due process (an opportunity to be heard in court) to the person being served.
This bill is being pushed as an added protection for the victims of domestic violence. Sadly, it's really just about more gun control. Please watch the video below where I explain.


Those who follow this blog will know that the editor was himself was a victim of a TRO sought out solely for the purpose of revenge.  Fortunately, the judge was able to see through the ruse and it was thrown out.

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