Monday, April 25, 2016

Daria Novak Op-Ed - Foreign Influence in CT Congressional Race

High Level Foreign Official from Socialist 

Nation Attempting to Influence CT Congressional Race

Daria interviews Dr. Ben Carson, former GOP Presidential candidate, on her radio show.
Daria interviews Dr. Ben Carson
On Lee Elci's show today I discussed the major ethical and potential legal issues surrounding my opponent's proud announcement of her political and business endorsement by a foreign vice president from a socialist nation. We Americans have had enough of this type of influence peddling with Hillary Clinton. This is what we are fighting to get rid of in DC!

Ann Brooke's proud claim, in a radio interview Saturday, that the Vice President of socialist Portugal endorsed her campaign is the first I know of a high-ranked foreign leader getting involved in an American congressional level race in my lifetime. On the 94.9 AM CT radio show "Political Class," Brookes explained that she was paid by the government of Portugal to help sell off its government assets and that she also worked for the "royal family" in a failed $25 billion Iraqi deal. Other Portuguese officials already are involved in another international influence peddling scandal in Africa.

What immediately comes to mind is this - why and what favors does this vice president get by involving himself in domestic American politics – by supporting my opponent -- and what might he ask of this potential congresswoman if she's elected? Brookes is using their relationship to push her candidacy. She stated she met with him "almost daily" while in Portugal. So, we can assume the relationship must have been close for such a high-ranked individual to meet so often with an American. 

Brookes needs to withdraw from Connecticut’s 2nd congressional district race or explain herself to the voter's satisfaction. I can't believe a successful international business attorney is ignorant of such major ethical issues, of the potential for a federal Logan Act violation, or the negative perception it creates of a US Congresswoman controlled by a socialist nation active in Middle East politics, especially given that eastern CT has many national security connections.

Daria Novak
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