Saturday, April 09, 2016

CT GOP Week In Review


ICYMI This Week:

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Senator Kennedy Jr. Agrees Not to take Outside Money

“I am participating in the Citizens Election Program, and I don’t intend to accept any money from the state party,” said Kennedy today, in response to news of the Republican effort.

“In a campaign funded by the Republican State Central Committee, a petition has been circulating entitled “Don’t Let the Dirty Money Win This Time,” and states Public Financing OR Outside Money…Not Both!”

“The campaign is a reference to the campaign Kennedy ran in 2014 in which he ran under the Citizens Election Program, which caps the campaign fund at just under $120,000. But the state party poured in hundreds of thousands to the Kennedy campaign, much of which came after Kennedy and family members made large contributions to the state party. ”

Now we have to hold Kennedy's feet to the fire and make sure he keeps to his word.

Welcome New Republican Voters!

“The number of voters that switched their party affiliation from democrat to republican far exceeds the numbers of republicans switching to democrat. Since January, 2230 have gone to republican with 1323 joining the democratic party. The GOP says that’s proof democratic confidence is slipping.”

Chairman Romano welcomes the more than 2,230 former Democrats who have joined our Republican Party this year!  It is clear that the Democratic Party’s long history of failure in our cities and towns across Connecticut has finally begun to cost them at the ballot box.  We continue adding to the over 5,800 unaffiliated voters who have joined our party and encourage anyone eligible to cast a ballot in our Primary Election on April 26th.

Still not registered as a Republican?  Register here: www.REGISTER.GOP

Democrats’ Fiscal Imprudence Forces Connecticut To Cast Off 
The Poor And Sick

The Federalist: “Connecticut "is the living illustration of what happens when liberal fiscal policies run up against economic reality"

“Following two of the largest tax increases in state history, Gov. Dan Malloy and his Democrat legislature found themselves facing an economic death spiral. Oddly enough, raising taxes resulted in lower tax revenue for the state. Hefty salary and benefit packages for its unionized state workforce has left taxpayers facing pension payments they can no longer afford. And the attempt to pay off debt by incurring more debt through more bond sales has credit rating agencies looking to downgrade Connecticut.”

One more reason to TAKE BACK CONNECTICUT with sweeping Republican wins!

Hartford: Another Troubled City, Another Subsidized Stadium To the Rescue

“Add to the mix Hartford’s longstanding struggles with deep poverty and crime, and many are left wondering why the city is spending money on a ballpark in the first place.

“Critics fear the development won’t materialize, leaving taxpayers on the hook for the debt-financed $66-million stadium. As Hartford Courant columnist Kevin Rennie asked, “Why should the people of Hartford—many of whom are very, very poor—why should this burden be placed on them?”

Hartford runs on…. Dunkin’ Park?

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