Monday, April 11, 2016

BoE Budget Woes; Voter Input Needed

Middletown High
These are difficult economic times as witnessed by the budget cuts proposed at the state and local level. Consequently, Middletown Public Schools must look for new ways to improve efficiency and save money while preserving the educational programs that support our students.

* If you have an idea to share, we welcome your input; here:


  1. Cut Treasures $4k stipend to a $1. Quentin Phipps can't even bother to show up to the one meeting a year where he is needed. The Mayors budget is asking for a $15k raise for his Aide Joe Samolis. These people don't live in the real world. Allocate that money to education.

  2. here's your voter input.. vote out the democrats or deal with the budget woes...

  3. We're gonna have to deal with the budget woes, anyway, but yes, vote out the Democrats.

  4. Get rid of Marco Gaylord and get someone who actually KNOWS how to do the job.


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