Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Leadership Turnover at Middletown RTC

Chris Petter, Chair-elect

In a surprising move, at least surprising to this Insider, Middletown Republican Town Committee Chairman Ken McClellan nominated Bill Wilson, current Vice-Chair of the RTC, for the office of Chair.  Also nominated for Chair by RTC newcomer Troy Meeker, was Chris Petter.  Petter won election by a two vote margin.

The 35 year old Petter is a relative newcomer to Middletown, just six years ago having adopted her as his home town.  He and his wife Kelly decided they were committed to our fair city and bought a home here, two and a half years ago.

Chris has been a member of the Middletown RTC since 2014 and was a candidate for the city's Board of Education, last November.  A 2006 Maryland University grad with a law degree from Quinnipiac University, Petter is now an attorney at the firm of McHugh, Chapman and Vargas.

Bill Wilson was re-elected as Vice-Chair, Helen Landry re-elected Secretary, and Linda Salafia as Treasurer.  Salafia is also a member of the Common Council.

City Republicans caucused at Monday night's meeting and nominated the following delegates to the state GOP conventions:

From the Third Congressional District, David Bauer, William Boylan, Troy Meeker, Christopher Petter, and William Wilson

From the Ninth Senatorial District, David Bauer and William Wilson

And from the thirteenth Senatorial District, William Boylan, Sebastian Giuliano, and John Landry

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