Thursday, March 03, 2016

Dr. Chas. Jacobs of Americans for Peace and Tolerance Shouted Down at Press Conference

Dear Friends of ACT! for America,

We wanted to give you an update on the recent travesty against free and invaluable speech offered by Dr. Charles Jacobs of Americans for Peace and Tolerance and others at a Rhode Island State Capitol press conference on February 22, 2016.

The APT website is here: 

Dr. Jacobs, a Presbyterian minister and other patriots were seeking to appeal to Governor Riamondo and call attention to the dangers in allowing Syrian refugees into the State.   Regardless of offering a very sympathetic view of the plight of refugees and excellent information on why dangers are inherent in the process, what they encountered was a crowd of hundreds which included a mob of jeering Brown University students seeking to drown them out.   

Shocked by such mob like behavior, later supporters of Dr. Jacobs expressed their sentiments like these below:

1. The Rev. Don Anderson of the Rhode Island State Council of Churches does not speak for everyone.  There are dozens and dozens and dozens of churches in RI who disagree with the RISCC on many issues.  And, we are forming a coalition of like-minded ministers, priests, and rabbis.

2. Monday’s assault can best be described as Nazi Brown shirts, hurling invectives, insults and using 4-letter words.

3. We are not a hateful people.  On the contrary we are very loving and generous.  We simply are want extreme caution with the intake of migrants since ISIS has specifically stated their intent is to use the upheaval to infiltrate and seed America with terrorists and Islam.

Click photo to download. Caption: Dr. Charles Jacobs (left, at podium) speaks out against Syrian refugee absorption on Monday at the Rhode Island State House. Credit: Courtesy Americans for Peace and Tolerance.
An excellent reporting of Dr. Jacob's
speech by JNS news is here: 

He said among other insightful statements:  "This migration represents a unique and specific threat to the Jewish community posed by a near genocidal hatred of Jews that is inculcated in all Syrians,” he said. “This animus is taught through Syrian educational intuitions, starting from childhood, and finds continual expression in the broader Syrian culture. Sadly, even Jewish community leaders have failed to take note of this danger. I am here to break this dangerous, politically correct silence.”

These efforts to restrain freedom of speech, information and public advocacy demonstrate the need for citizens to contact your elected officials to oppose refugee resettlement. 

A brief video of the angry mob scene responding to the coalition of ministers, rabbis and priests is on this video:

CT Chapter Leaders of ACT! for America 
Brigitte Gabriel is the Founder and
President of Act for America.

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