Sunday, February 14, 2016

Obama Desires a ‘Common Basis for What’s True’

‘Common Basis for What’s True’

Photo courtesy of Politico

In this article from MRCTV, Bannister reports Obama as having said; "We don’t have a common basis for what’s true and what’s not."  This is frightening: for will be entrusted to determine the truth?

What is it that will make those so appointed more qualified that you and me to determine the truth, when able to weigh both sides of a matter?

But, Obama complains; "we can choose our own facts", based on "the most sensational conflict and the most incendiary sound bites."

Is this not a declaration of war on free speech and open debate?  Is this not Orwellian in nature? How can this not be interpreted as a

desire to control what the Public hears; to taking control of, and determining what is, the "legitimate" press; and "truth"?

Will this effectively spell the end to small, on-line alternative news sources such as The Middletown Insider; or, The Blaze; or, The Huff Po; or, Alex Jones?

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