Monday, February 08, 2016

Breaking: State's Attorney Issues New Open Carry Memorandum

New Open Carry Memorandum

by Chris
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The state just issued an new memorandum concerning open carry.
Hopefully this clarifies the issue if open carry is legal (with a permit), and if you need to show your permit to the police if asked.
Here is the first page and a half, out of six pages:

open carry memo 2-2016
Now please go and read the whole thing. It covers how they may "request" your permit, and how they might then use things against you.
You may read the full memorandum and download a copy here:
Memo Concerning the Open Carry of Firearms

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  1. The memorandum states in part; "Based on on (sic) the widespread proliferation of gun violence in contemporary American society, especially random mass shootings, . . . "

    This is a false assertion; since the mid 90s, violent crime, including "gun violence", has been in decline. The State's Attorney needs to be educated on this fact.


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