Friday, December 11, 2015

When is a "Lock Box" no Longer a "Lock Box"?

Yesterday, I was at the Capitol for the "special" legislative session - itself a result of poor leadership and irresponsible government.

It's more certain than ever that the Democrats have no desire to get our state back on a solid fiscal ground. They appear only to be interested in political gamesmanship and surviving the next election.
Please watch the video of my remarks on the so called deficit mitigation package and the so called transportation "lock box".  Rob Sampson


  1. Thank you Bill for taking the time to attend the hearing on behalf of all of us! Enjoying your posts here! Great job!

    1. Sorry to have given the wrong impression, but I was not there, myself. Rep. Sampson sent this to me and I posted it. Those are his words that appear above the video. I will endeavor to be more clear in the future.

      And thank you for the complement, though!


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