Thursday, December 03, 2015

The Homeless Report by Fred Carroll

It's been a while since we've heard from Fred!

Even though it's been almost ten years since I hosted a Peabody [and Sherman!] Award winning radio program titled The Homeless Report, and I ALWAYS tell folks upfront that I'm not a real doctor, people still ask me; "Fred, you seemingly know practically many Homeless people are there in Middletown?"
And while the short answer is simply; "I don't know" I would begin any attempt to proffer a number by considering the definition of homeless. For example, if you're sleeping on a friends couch-are you homeless? How about if the couch is in their basement? How about if they live in an apartment building with communal storage in the basement and they don't know that you are sneaking in through an unlocked window to sleep on their couch...are you homeless than?

 Fred Carroll's Profile PhotoSo to pick it up at that point, if everybody whose name is not on the lease where sent packing, I'd guess there would be about an additional five thousand folks showing up at the Joe Bibisi Warming Center on a given night. Add to that all the formerly homeless who are a budget cut away from losing their deal and that's another thousand or more I would guess, though that is only an uninformed guess I must say. So "what's the answer?"...well...what's the question! 

I won't presume at this time to say this, that , or the other thing is the "solution" to this "problem", but I will assert with absolute certitude that THE CAUSE of homelessness is, in one word "Housing!" As in; "When THE HELL, did a goddamned HOUSE become a so called home?! A house is many things, but it is not and never will be a home...anymore than a refrigerator box is, per se, a home.You can "make a home" anywhere, out of anything, but what we call a house is just stupid. End of story.

How many creatures are rendered "homeless" by the cutting down of each of the countless trees that go into making one of these stupid boxes we call homes? More on this at a later date..

Fred Carroll, Middletown

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