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Governor Calls Lawmakers to Special Session on Budget Hole

Connecticut governor calls lawmakers to special session on budget hole Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy has called a special session of the state's legislature to tackle a budget shortfall that, according to one estimate, could be over $250 million this fiscal year. The special session is scheduled for 10 a.m. local time on Tuesday, Dec. 8.
"After over a month of bipartisan dialogue with a healthy exchange of ideas, I believe there is more that unites Democratic and Republican leaders than divides us," Malloy said in a statement on Friday.
The budget deficit in the fiscal year ending June 30, 2016 will likely be $254.4 million, the state's non-partisan Office of Fiscal Analysis said in a report on Nov. 13. Connecticut's annual budget is around $20 billion.
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Malloy called in October for bipartisan budget talks after officials said there would be a shortfall of at least $120 million this fiscal year. Malloy announced plans to lay off 500 state workers and defer raises for 1,600 managers. Malloy attributed the revenue shortfall to lower capital gains tax collections due to a volatile stock market.

Earlier this year during the normal legislative session, the Kensington Hatchery was on the delete list. This was the third time that Malloy has proposed closing hatcheries, the last two unsuccessful hatchery closing efforts produced thousands of protest letters from kids, parents, teachers and fishermen. Your communications and significant help from friendly and knowledgeable legislators again deleted those proposals. Now Malloy is doubling down on ALL hatcheries! The governor's proposed move to strike All hatcheries from the 2015-2016 budget is an insult. In effect, it will close the entire fish stocking and eecology and the environment operations. It is an attack on the guiding conservation principles of the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency, Bureau of Natural Resources, and Inland Fisheries division.

The current proposal calls for closing the state’s three fish hatcheries and laying off the 17 staff that work there. The $1.1 million in savings from the measure would require them to close by Jan. 1, 2016."

Data from the American Sportfishing Association (ASA) January 2013 
indicates it will
affect Freshwater Anglers 243,285 (@ $28 Fee) & Freshwater Fishing Days  3,518,120 (not including Non-residents) with an Economic Impact of Freshwater Fishing (CT 2011). Retail Sales $168,308,427; Total Multiplier or Ripple Effect $285,969,244; Salaries and Wages  $101,365,735    Jobs 2,437 Federal Tax Revenues  $25,817,247; State and Local Tax ­Revenues  $22,305,922

Reviewing this financial data vs the $1.1 million savings, one has to question WHO DID THE RESEARCH IF ANY? . It is obvious that the savings is not compatable with the loss in jobs and wages, license fees, sales tax reveues and a significant reduction in public recreation (quality of life). Consider also the impact on Cabela's and the newly opened BASS Pro Shops (Bridgeport) both of which have received state tax relief and other incentives to locate here. Both have suffered sales from the 'Assault Weapon" ammunition and long gun purchase requirements and the state a signifant loss of sales tax. If this hatchery proposal passes, what will they sell? The proposal is assinine and must be rejected! 

It is IMPERATIVE YOU COMMUNICATE With YOUR Legislators and the Governor!!! Go to the General Assembly site scroll down to the bottom "Find your Legislators" then communicate your DISAPPROVAL of this proposal. Keep it as simple as " I OPPOSE ANY closure of fish hatcheries" or use the data provided in this or previous messages. The budget is still under negotiation. MAKE YOUR POSITION KNOWN now! Failure to communicate means closure of ALL hatcheries will remain in the budget and insure more communications required and intensive lobbying. We must stop this NOW before it becomes a negotiated part of the budget! Communicate! Make your views known.

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With the proposed closure of ALL fishing hatcheries CCS Will be the there at the Capitol with our two registered lobbyists to promote elimination of this onerous proposal. More  on this issue to follow.

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