Friday, December 25, 2015

Community Christmas Dinner a Smashing Success

The serving begins.
For fourteen or fifteen years, Julie Hurlburt has organized and executed a Community Christmas Dinner, held at the First Church of Christ Congregational, located at 190 Court Street.  She and her late husband, Chuck, started this tradition by combining other area Christmas dinners in order to have one truly community dinner.

While some of the volunteers thought that there were more people in attendance this year than last, others said that colder weather brings out more people.  Regardless, this year's event went off as smoothly and successfully as any other!  See for yourself in the following photo series; it was a happy time for all!

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Donations from Gotta Farms.

A busy room.

More veggies!
And it begins.


Full house.

So much going on!

And going so smoothly!

Hungry guests.

The serving window.

Another distinguished guest.

Heidi, a regular volunteer.

Volunteer Ina Magi.

Mike Savage, chief dish washer.

Jennifer spreading Christmas cheer.  (Her 10th year doing so.)
Hard cider?

The Von Trapp Family Singers. (Actually, it's the Latronica Family; Seth at the piano, father Dave and sister Meredith with a violin player, who's name I did not get. Jacob makes sure the piano doesn't roll away.)

Mrs. Kringle.
Now tell me, does she not look like Mrs. Kringle?

A bounty of treats.

All is ready to go.
Yes, that really is Santa Clause!
Seth Latronica at piano. Photo by Ina Magi
Susan from Galway, center. Photo by Ina Magi
Santa's elves. Photo by Ina Magi
Guests enjoying a home cooked dinner. Photo by Ina Magi
An ever-flowing sea of humanity, come to share a meal. Photo by Ina Magi

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