Saturday, October 24, 2015

Letter to the Editor:Should the Mayoral Race be postponed until a real debate is held?

Letter to the Editor:

Time Out!

Should the Mayoral Race be postponed until a real debate is held? There are a lot of questions Dan Drew should answer for first. The one and only Debate scheduled to have been held on 10/21/15 was cancelled by Mayor Dan Drew at the last minute which has everybody skeptical. Prior to attending, he "Ordered" two Police Officers there because there was a report of upwards of 40+ peaceful protesters against his questionable ethics.

Instant replay on the night of the cancelled debate. I'll put myself in Dan Drew's place. I'm sitting at home when my wife all of the sudden tells me that she believes she is going into premature labor. I also have other small children at home. So I have to immediately find a babysitter, call an ambulance or drive her to the hospital very quickly. That's a lot going on all at once and at this point you would be so panic stricken that it would be hard to think straight. During this time the only thing on my mind would be my family. Or change circumstance, he's not home and has to attempt all of this while speeding home to organize or to go straight to the hospital.

In the Middle of all this chaos he finds the time to not only post this entire matter on Facebook but also even has the time to edit the original post letting all of his 3,300 Facebook acquaintances know exactly what’s going on and to tell them to have a "Great Evening!" Who would make that kind of statement when you are engulfed in worry for a loved one? Wouldn't anyone, in a true emergency, quickly try to call a baby sitter and make a three second call to a friend/family member telling them to aware the City that you have a family emergency and explain later. It's not like he was going to be fired for not immediately explaining his personal emergency. Did The Vinci Group advise this as a shameful tactic for him or did Dan Drew come up with this himself to avoid being at the debate. Or is he just the type of father/husband, in a true emergency, who puts work priorities and his public reputation before his family. Either or he should be absolutely ashamed of himself. Then upon returning home, his first priority is to let all "Facebook Friends" know that he has returned home and all is well. Sounds like a long stressful emotional draining day but still makes Facebook the priority. Or was it not an emergency which would mean he could have attended the debate and left if necessary upon being updated on the monitoring, (IE going into labor). Which is it?

Either way, I am not questioning the fact as to whether or not his wife was admitted at the hospital, even if this was a fictitious, shameful, unimaginable way to bow out of the debate, they still would be smart enough to cover that part. It's not like this would be the first time The Vinci Group was looked into for unethical questionable behavior. However, I have to admit, this would be an all new low for even Dan Drew to participate in. I'm am questioning Mr. Drew's behavior, which makes the totality of the circumstances seem extremely suspicious as he has now excused himself from a fourth attempt at a simple debate.

On the Debate matter itself, after refusing to attend the first three debates, and being quoted saying/acknowledging " I am not a Strong Debater" this was to be an hour long, camera's restricted, no press, holding only 50 people who were expected to represent 47,333 residents that live in Middletown. That's a lot of rules to get him to agree to a simple debate in the first place and the lack of presence of many.

Out of the 47,333 residents in total 15,447 are considered to be of the minority population as stated on City So let’s say that all fifty people witnessing this debate were of the minority population, that would add up to less than one percent of the minority population itself being actually present. So if the intention was to support Diversity, which Mayor Drew claims he does, then why this type of important event wouldn’t be held in a much larger forum and televised for those who could not attend?

I know why Dan Drew doesn't want the debate. I've attended meetings in the past where he needs to leave the room for 10 minutes only to return with something that he deems to be profound or important. In a debate he would not be able to explain lobbyist, buried investigations, costly personnel changes in City Hall, as well as being on the Retirement Board which is supposed to be a separate unbiased entity. That would all require a second opinion, from The Vinci Group, and personal research for him to answer. No time for all that in a debate.

Skeptical and Suspicious to say the least, whether personally and professionally!

PS Please let us know Mr. Drew, now that you are back at work and all is well, what the rescheduled date is for the debate prior to the election, now that all has calmed positively. Hopefully with a much larger audience with much more coverage and time allowance!

David D'Amico

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  1. Maybe drew could explain "I did your mother"? Who's mother did he "do"?


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