Thursday, October 01, 2015

Letter to the Editor: Union should Not Endorse Mayor Drew

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Editor's Note: According to the Courant, AFSME Council 4 is still interviewing both candidates, & has not offered an official endorsement. 

Letter to the Editor: 

"Corruption Gone Full Circle Effects Local Union President Doug Clark"

I find it hard to believe that AFSCME Council 4 President, Doug Clark, who is representing the Police as a Union President stated that he wanted to back Mayor Dan Drew in the upcoming Elections. First AFSCME Council 15 goes bankrupt and Council 4 takes over without informing any personnel of this change nor the parties that still have pending cases who were wrongfully terminated. They didn't take control of any terminated employee files or any pending court cases. Placing all of these individuals to have to pay for personal Attorneys to represent them after years of sinking money into Union Dues, saying more or less, "Oh Well". 

Now local Union President Doug Clark, dares to attempt to back Dan Drew and the Chief who admitted to Private Investigators that he had been taking Oxycodone while still actively on duty and representing the people of Middletown. Read the report I did! And then subsequently refuses to take a drug test to find out what other drugs he may or may not been taking. Five Officers were bullied by the Police Chief and Mayor Drew and subsequently fired between late 2013 to early 2015.  Three of which were victims of biased and corrupt investigations where the retirement Board expressed openly that could be sued in the near future based on Dan Drew's participation,presence, and principles,and interference at the Hearings. Not included in the Five terminated, was Chief Mcmahon. Oh but then that was resolved. Chief Mckenna was the star witness against him and then stole the Man's job within a couple of months coordinated in all by Mayor Dan Drew! Sure there was no corruption or pre planning on that one! Mayor Dan Drew and Chief Mckenna are two men that no one should have confidence in.  

This is scandalous for everyone and is the true essence of tyranny.(Cruel or oppressive Government or Rule) Sounds right on target to me! Shame on Council 4 Union President Doug Clark it seems you have been bought out cheap and have lost any values towards Union Employees!!

Sincerely, David D'Amico
New Britain Ct.Web

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