Thursday, October 29, 2015

Letter to the Editor: Councilwoman Kleckowski Cares about Middletown

Letter to the Editor:

Councilwoman Kleckowski Cares About Middletown
Dear Editor,

I’m writing to express my support for the re-election of Councilman Deborah Kleckowski.  During her years on the Common Council, Deb has worked to improve the lives of Middletown residents.

Kleckowski on right.
Her successes have included such mundane and routine things as simply getting potholes fixed (a quality of life matter), to securing parking passes for participants in the library'sJob Seekers program, helping many people to attend.  And, she regularly meets with local business owners to hear about their concerns.

Recently, because the acoustics in the council chamber are so bad and the sound equipment inadequate, Deb took the lead in starting the procurement process to obtain hearing devices for the hearing impaired so that those of us who don’t hear very well can more readily participate in city government.   (Updating the sound system is cost prohibitive.)

For these reasons and more too numerous to mention here, I urge your support for Deborah Kleckowski on November 3rd, and for the entire under-ticket. It is time for a positive change and the Republicans are our best hope for it.

William Boylan

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  1. I endorse Deb as well. She's a busy mother and educator, but really cares about her town. She listens and and takes action to get things done! It's rare to find someone in public service with such passionate commitment!


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