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Candidate Bio: Phil Pessina (R) for Common Council

Phil Pessina (R) Common Council
Phil Pessina (R) Candidate for Common Council 

It is my distinct pleasure to have the opportunity to seek a Common Council position for our City of Middletown, for my fourth term.  Having been previously elected to 3 terms on the council, I served on several vital council commissions, serving as a past Minority Leader and currently, serving in leadership roles for the Eckersley Hall Senior Community Center and Mattabassett Regionalization Committees. 
                I am excited that my mantra to put ‘Middletown First’ is on the cusp of really occurring, as I look forward to serving with the election of our Mayoral Candidate Sandra Russo-Driska as Mayor and our other Republican Team members.  It is coincidentally where Sandra & I were born, raised, educated and provided our decades of service to our community as city employees; with my 33 ½ years as a member of our Middletown Police Department, retiring as Deputy Chief of Police.  
                After my retirement in 2006, I immediately entered into the political service to my city, for I was very fortunate to have had my pulse on our community residents, businesses  and its industrial economic growth concerns; due in part to my 30 years of volunteer service within the Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce.   It was in recognition of my service to the chamber that I was very humbled to have been selected the recipient of the 2014 Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce Chief Michael L. Green Award.  
                It is important to note that prior to becoming involved in Middletown Politics, my first lesson of the importance of government and the people we serve, was my exposure to the 'Town Meeting' form of government within the community of Haddam, Connecticut.  It was during my service to the town, where I served as Vice-Chairman of the Regional District #17 Board of Education and 2nd Selectman, that taught me the importance of listening, evaluating and advocating for town governmental decisions responsive to the residents I served. 
                Therefore, if elected, I will bring to the council, my strong personal feeling and governmental philosophy, that when considering fiscal, economic, infrastructure, safety and service decisions effecting Middletown, which will ultimately affect our city residents, we in government need to put ourselves in a position of those who will be affected by our decisions; essentially putting Middletown first in all that we do and will accomplish!
                My greatest attribute is my credibility in dealing with people and city issues, centered on my critical thinking skills, commitment to our community members, regardless of political affiliation and stature which life may bring to them.   We as Common Council members need to keep in mind what is best and cost effective for our community!       
                My philosophy is very much in line with Sandra, our Mayoral candidate’s service, actions and vision for our city of Middletown to:
        Create real fiscal planning through a bipartisan Council effort, with input from our community members and stakeholders, providing for a Capital Plan that benefits our city taxpayers by controlling city expenditures and establishing cost effective city programming. 
        Addressing Public Safety Issues with real listening with a genuine concern for the neighborhoods and residents; to improve upon a continued growth of quality of life.
        Recognizing and advocating for our City Employees and Department Heads to continue to provide for a higher ‘cost effective’ quality of service to our community residents and taxpayers.
        Addressing our city’s Infrastructure within our Capital Plan by ensuring economic growth within our Industrial and business communities;
        Ensuring that our Republican administration will aggressively move forward, with community input, to move the River Front Revitalization Project in a timely, efficient and effective manner so our residents will enjoy the many recreational and wellness opportunities;
        Ensuring with the support of our city residents that our City Parks and Fields are completed in a timely manner and done so for our children, youth and adults to utilize, in conjunction with our recreational programing. 
        Advocating for our Senior Citizens a hidden population which can provide fantastic repositories of ideas, values and offer their experiences as an important stakeholder in our city's growth.  They have been underutilized and through my advocacy I will ensure the our administration will create a communicative relationship with our Seniors, particularly to the retired segment of their population. 
                It is becoming perfectly clear from discussions with my constituents and with the recent formation of the (PAC) 'Democrats for Sandra', that our city voters (Democrats, Republican and Unaffiliated) feel like we all feel and believe, that voters are tired of a one party majority and are looking for a change.  A real change, where everyone's opinions, ideas and suggestions are taken openly, seriously and evaluated on how it will qffect our city residents and taxpayers, not their Political Party!
                Here is my idea to consider, let’s follow our Mayoral Candidate's Responses in which she advocates, that it is time that we Recapture Middletown Pride and Celebrate our City of Middletown for its’ Beauty, Diversity and Natural Resources with its’ open spaces and River front to recapture!
                I am proud to call Middletown my home, for a community that provided me with the  opportunities both in public and governmental service over these 42 years and proud to say:
                "It's Where My Story Begins"!

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