Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Candidate Bio: Brian E. Clark Write in Candidate for Mayor

My name is Brian E. Clark, and I am running as a Write- In Candidate for Mayor of Middletown. This is my first candidacy, I have never run for public office before. I have lived in Middletown my entire life, and grew up in the North End in the 80’s and 90’s. I graduated from Vinal Technical High School in 1997, from the Electro- Mechanical program.  As a Freshman, at 14 years old, I joined the Middletown Police Explorers, and was a member from 1993-1997. In 1996, I decided I liked Emergency Services, and helping others, so I took an Emergency Medical Technician Class, and was certified in 1997, volunteering for the Cromwell Fire Department, and Westfield Fire Department. At 18, I attended the Connecticut Fire Academy, and graduated the Firefighter I program, second in my class. I have a genuine desire to help others, in any way I can.
I am running for Mayor, as a Write- In Candidate, because I honestly believe that this City cannot afford to have Dan Drew in office for 4 more years. I firmly believe that Daniel Drew is an Opportunistic Dictator, with his goals in mind, and not the city’s. My platform is a simple 3 point plan to improve the quality of life for the citizens of Middletown, without taxing them to death to pay for it. 1.) I want to see full integration of Pre-K Schooling for all families in Middletown. Research has shown that 68% of kids are ready for Kindergarten at Age 5 with Pre- K Education, versus 28% with no Pre- K. Further, research also shows 61% of kids are more committed to school at age 14 with Pre- K Education, versus 38% with no Pre- K. Our most important jobs as human beings is to raise our children the best ways we can. Our kids are the future. 2.)  Ensure our Emergency Services have the equipment to fully carry out their jobs. This includes body camera’s for Police. Proper Apparatus, and Equipment for the Fire Dept. This also includes taking a look at Hunter’s Ambulance, and discuss with the Fire Department if they are meeting our EMS needs, and if necessary, perhaps having the Fire Dept. take over EMS in the City with their own Ambulances, or have Middlesex Hospital take over as the provider, as they are based in Middletown. EMS billing would cover the costs, and an in- house EMS program would create jobs. 3.) Create incentives, be it tax relief, or zoning changes, for new businesses to move in to Middletown. This would create jobs, boost the economy, and ultimately would bring taxes in to the City’s coffers.
I would absolutely love to be your Mayor for the next 4 years. I’m committed to improving quality of life for citizens of this City without raising taxes, creating jobs, and investing in our children to cement our future. Please visit my Facebook Page, Brian E. Clark for Mayor. All of my contact information is on it. I’d love any opportunity to speak with any citizen. Please Write- In Brian E. Clark for Mayor on November 3rd, and Thank you for the opportunity to run for Mayor.
Brian E. Clark

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