Sunday, September 06, 2015

Are the Democrats really Diverse? Ask Hope! + Images from the GOP Campaign 2015

Mayoral hopeful Sandra Russo-Driska talks to supporters

GOP Boar of Education hopefuls discussing the issues

Fazzino, Pessina, Meeker, Fralick, Pulino, Kennedy, Kleckowksi, Salafia-M., Salafia-L, Petter

That is a very diverse looking bunch of people!

Councilman Giuliano at a meeting

The entire 2015 GOP Ticket

Sandra Russo-Driska hit the campaign in fashion last Saturday and brought horses along with her! Good thinking, Sandy!

Sandra and kids enjoy ice cream!

Lindsay's shirt!

Republican members

Phil Pessina in action

Coach Pulino (softball/baseball) walking with the teams

No job is to small for Mayor Giuliano to tackle!

Thumbs up!!
MIDDLETOWN- Ever since former town clerk Sandra Russo-Driska announced she was running for mayor a few months ago, she sent out signals that she would be bring new life and enthusiasm to the GOP.  Soon her headquarters opened in the early summer months and she was off and running hitting the pavement and attending city events and bringing her attitude and smile to everyone she met.

Quickly she harvested a ticket that includes: Sebastian Giulano, a former mayor running for re-election as a councilman, Emmakristina Sveen a current Wesleyan student running for city treasurer; Linda Salafia and Phil Pessina, two former city councilors who bring much city experience to the ticket in the fields of pension control and comprehension of law enforcement contracts respectively.  The Democrats on the other hand bounced long-term candidate Hope Kasper, a frequent advocate for handicapped rights and on many occasions has pointed out that Mayor Drew acts like a diverse person but does not walk the walk: Our mayor (Dan Drew) is out there promoting diversity, and it seems strange to me that women are part of the minority that he’s taking off the ballot,” Kasper told The Middletown Press on July 24, 2015.  It should be noted that Kasper argued harshly in public that she wants the city to have the highest quality emergency responders. (Note: Kasper forced a primary which will take place on September 16, 2015)
Unlike the Democrat ticket, the Russo/GOP ticket is one that seems to touch all walks of life and society.  Russo and the GOP recruited Board of Assessment Appeals Commissioner, little league coach, and Cable Advisory Board Chairman, Jonathan Pulino to run for Common Council due to his educational background and his ability to work with the public, while retaining Debbie Kleckowksi, a Middlexsex Community College professor who has shown great abilities in matters of public support of the arts, while becoming somewhat of a societal conduit between citizens and certain government boards.  Rounding of the GOP Common Council ticket are political newcomer Lindsey Fralick and Nicholas Fazzino, a noted citizen and former Planning and Zoning Commissioner.

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