Monday, September 14, 2015

And Justice for All: "It's Primary Time" by John Milardo

Saturday, I received a “Mayor Dan Drew” political advertisement for the September 16th Democratic Common Council and Board of Education primary vote.  It states:  “Turnout will be huge.  Be a part of Middletown history.”  It’s a primary!  What “history” does Dan think he will or has made?  We know he wants hardliner Democratic Council Party persons to be elected, so he can continue with his heavy handed control of the Common Council.

Whatever his motives, Middletown voters need to know that Mayor Dan Drew has done very little to better our town.  He has failed miserably with his reorganization of government departments.  He will tell you it’s a success, but he won’t show and tell you how?  Because he can’t!  Everyone within the City, including Councilpersons know the reorganization was a failure and has cost the taxpayer more money; not less as he has led the public to believe.

We have the most bonded debt in the City’s history!  Basically, we are charging merchandise now and paying interest for it – instead of planning and funding them appropriately.  Never in the history of the City of Middletown have Capitol Non-Recurring (CNR) budgets been bonded.  Items with a life expectancy of 5 years of less such as; trucks, snow equipment, landscaping equipment, computers, cars, office furniture, and so on, were once funded through a CNR budget.  Money was accordingly set aside for each year of the budget, and paid for through proper funding allocations. 

We now have to bond them because there is not enough current funding in the general budget to cover these costs.  The money which used to be allocated for the CNR is now spent in the fiscal budget to cover annual costs for normal department operations.  So we are paying additional interest money on items we shouldn’t, and doing so after the items are gone!  This is what is called in the trade as “piss poor planning”!  This is being fiscally responsible and prudent?

The Mayor’s current dilemma for renovations and construction of the $34 million Parks systems infrastructure and facilities may come back to bite him.  This issue between natural and artificial athletic fields came to a head over the past couple of weeks.  Mayor Dan’s tie breaking vote for natural fields, and those Common Council members who voted for same, may cost them a November election.  I’m sure in the meantime; they will make every attempt to make “nice-nice” with the youth leagues.  I bet that’ll cost us!

Mayor Drew is probably counting on advice from his paid political consultant, that Councilman Thomas Serra, who was against changing the original $34 million bond for parks and field improvements, has lost his political “juice” and following.  This is a power play by Dan who is loading up the Common Council and Board of Education slate with HIS people.

In Middletown politics, if you don’t blindly follow nor have any political “juice”, you will end up on the cutting room floor, like Democratic Councilwoman Hope Kasper.  She dared to vote against Mayor Drew on a couple of occasions.  That is not acceptable to Dan!  Either do what you’re told or be left outside.  She didn’t have the “juice” on the Council.  Even Councilman Tom Serra’s pleas at the Democratic Town Committee to keep Hope on the slate didn’t help.  Dan may feel that Councilman Serra is losing his political “juice” and ripe for a power play.  He may find out soon enough.  Dan Drew only wants groupies, and Mr. Serra isn’t one of them.

There are many Democratic Party Councilpersons, members and voters who don’t want to think outside the box!  They are content on just blindly following.  They either don’t care, or are afraid to question their own Party leaders.  They are content with the in-breeding of the Party.  The Party knows best!  I really hope the majority of the Democratic voters do not think that way.  

I can guarantee you one thing - that many of our political leaders have very different reasons why they are in politics (see below link).

I’ll leave you with a short political video by one of the best comedians of all time, the late George Carlin.  What he says was true then, and it’s even truer now! (adult language, not censored)
Stay strong.  Stay involved.  Stay together.  Seek the truth.

DISCLAIMER:  The opinions and views expressed in this newsletter reflect the opinion and view of the author, and should not be construed as fact or advice.  The author is a life long Middletown resident and taxpayer, and is sharing his opinions as such.  The opinions and commentary do not reflect the views of any political party, organization, or citizen group.  This newsletter reflects opinions and commentary which the author wishes to share with his friends.  

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