Sunday, August 23, 2015

Matt Lesser Says "Yes" to Rabies!

HARTFORD -  Over the past few years many have questioned my voting record. I actively campaigned hard for HB 6595 Authorizing Driver's Licenses for Undocumented Immigrants, which people have criticized me doing as pandering for votes. I voted in favor Governor Malloy's  current budget. I co sposored SB 1160 to further restrict 2nd Amendment rights through sales of fire arms and ammunition. I've long advocated for same day voter registration & $20+ an hour minimum wage. I also wrote a bill, despite my advocacy for pro-environmental issues, on the request of Mayor Dan Drew to light the Arrigoni Bridge up like a  turnpike motel as a tourist attraction. 

Last year,  I joined the Latino & Black Caucus of legislators at the capitol. Most recently, in the wake of the Rachel Dolezal's plight, I also came out as transracial.

My recent actions may seem a nonsensical, but I assure my consituents there is an explanation for my haphazard pattern of voting & seemingly illogical behavior.

I am proud to come out as a rabid American. I contracted rabies some years ago 
mouth-feeding underprivileged illiterate feral animals in the bush country of Middletown around Maromas. Today, I feel I no longer should hide my status, and am sponsoring a rabies clinic to raise awareness & advocate for equal voting rights for rabid individuals. My musical group 'Menudo' will perform live! 

Please join us!
Rep. Matt Lesser (D)

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