Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Letter to the Editor: Write in Candidate for Mayor Brian E. Clark

Get to know Brian E. Clark

Now that I have announced my candidacy for Mayor, it’s important that you get to know who I am, and where I stand on certain issues. I am 36 years old, a divorced father of 2 girls, Kaylin 13, and Olivia 7. I am, however, engaged to Kaylin’s mother, Nicoleen Watson. I have lived in the City of Middletown my entire life. I am what some may call, a “blue collar” candidate. You will rarely catch me wearing a suit, and just because I’m running for political office doesn’t mean I’ll be dressing up for the occasion. I had worked hard for everything I have, and not every moment of my life has been glorious. I am different from other candidates because of what I have gone through in my life, and I firmly believe that gives me an edge over them. I suffer from the disease of addiction, though it’s well under control. I have been clean of all substances for 3 years now. It’s also true that I am a convicted felon, having spent almost 2 ½ years in prison, for planning a robbery. I also was released from probation on May 12th, almost 3 years early, for cooperating with my probation officer. There have been times in my life, that haven’t been the best, but I’ve also come to know what needs correcting at that level as well. I firmly believe in rehabilitation over penalization. If we invest in our citizens, all of our citizens, we as a city can reap the rewards.

As far as my view on spending and taxes, I think we are taxed to death in this town, and while we can’t live in the past, I certainly plan to use the surplus we have accrued from Dan Drew’s tax increases, for our benefit, and look to lower, or at least stabilize the mill rate. According to CERC, we are enjoying a $14 million surplus; that can go a long way to re-enforcing our Police and Fire Departments, and ensuring they have the latest equipment to ensure our safety. Another way that could be spent is to fund Pre-K in our Public Schools, so that we can better educate our children. Another item I’d like to look in to, as a Certified Firefighter, and former EMT, is, is Hunter’s Ambulance the best choice for our city. Hunters has been our EMS Service for years now, but I believe that our Fire Department, or Middlesex Hospital could do the same job, yet ensuring that there is always available Ambulance’s in our city, ready to respond to our citizen’s emergency medical needs. 

As for my availability to debate the other candidates, it’s pretty simple; anywhere, anytime. I’m not afraid to face either Dan Drew, or Sandra Russo-Driska, and would welcome the opportunity. Running as a Write-In candidate is not a popular method of running for office, but I’m not your typical candidate. I don’t plan on having a campaign budget, or a campaign staff. I know once the people of Middletown get to know me, and what I stand for, the name Brian E. Clark won’t be difficult to write on November 3rd. I am available to either candidate, or any member of the public, just email me at clarkofmiddletown@live.com. I think this will be an interesting Mayoral race, and look forward to it.

Brian E. Clark, Middletown

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  1. There is no surplus! City wouldn't be accumulating record debt it there was.


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