Monday, August 31, 2015

City Sports Leagues Rally to Support Artificial Turf at City Fields

Letter to the Editor:
The youth sports organizations of middletown were told this was a "slam dunk". The mayor was behind it. We went to several meetings where the council was behind it. We were told that the director would keep us in the loop as far as public comment meetings were concerned.

We got calls the afternoon of the special meeting (much shorter notice than previous) to tell us about it.
With many sports now in the midst of fall practices, and the confidence exuded by the powers that be, there was a low turn out from the youth sports leagues and the thousands of parent/voters that make up our memberships. I hope Mr. Serra gets his revote, we will be there.
I personally will not vote to approve 37 million with out the artificial turf. I need to know:
a) What exactly are we doing to the parks.
b) The cost.

The artificial turf was a HUGE part of that 37 million.
Join the movement, make yourself heard.

Mike C.

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