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And Justice for All: Don't Drink the Kool-Aid by John Milardo

Both of Middletown’s political Party’s have announced their respective slates for the November Mayoral election.  The Democrats nominated Daniel T. Drew, and the Republicans nominated Sandra Russo-Driska for Mayor.  There are old and new faces running for Common Council seats, Board of Education, Planning & Zoning, Treasurers, and Board of Assessment Appeals, and City Treasurer.
“The Hartford Courant” reported on July 24th, that Democratic Councilman Gerry Daley made the official nomination for Daniel T. Drew to run for a third term.  Councilman Daley said in the past four years, Middletown has made great progress under Drew's leadership.  "With Mayor Drew's leadership we have managed to cut taxes and improve our bond rating," Daley said. 
Okay, I know all the political rhetoric is going to be put out there, and it’s just a guess on my part that the Democrats believe that the voting public is really stupid!  If Councilman Gerry Daley truly believes creating the highest bonding debt Middletown has ever seen is progress, then someone better check what else is in the “Kool-Aid” he drinks during meetings!

Our mil rates over the past three (3) years have increased 6.3 mils.  Sure Dan came in with a minus one-tenth of a mil decrease (-.1) this year – we’ve got elections going on.  Another tax increase would have all but killed any chance for him to be re-elected.  The 6.3 mil rate increase during Dan’s three (3) years, means a house which is assessed at $150,000 now pays $945 more in taxes per year.  That’s not chump change!
Then there is his City department reorganization, which cost the taxpayers’ a hefty $400,000 plus per year, with absolutely no additional benefits to the citizenry whatsoever!  (But, that cost includes taking care of his political friends.)

There are the eight (8) lawsuits against the City of Middletown, which current Mayor Drew has inflicted on the public - minority terminations et al.  The couple of recent 
settlements have cost the taxpayers’ well over a million dollars, but Mayor Drew’s “open and transparent government” will not publicly report the outcomes to the people of Middletown.

Ironically, we had this graphic 
by Middletown Insider
 on file from'13 before Mr. Milardo's 
fittingly titled newsletter.
And ironically, it says "Just add Hope"
Democrats Ms. Kasper,Sean King
 and Steven Kovach

 pulled paper 
work to get signatures to primary.
And we have a feeling they
might not be the only D's doing so.
We also have the conflicts within Middletown’s own Democratic Party.  A Democratic primary election is on the horizon, because Councilwoman Hope Kasper, an eight (8) year Councilperson, (Dan must like the number 8) was the only Democratic (female) Councilperson not re-nominated for another term in office.  Danny seems to have a problem with “protected class” individuals.  Am I the only one who sees this pattern? 
The heavily loaded Dan Drew Democratic Town Committee chopped her right out of the picture because she dared to have a difference of opinion than Mayor Dan regarding the City of Middletown employees’ pension fund, and the recent Fire Department EMT qualification job change.  Even a speech during nominations from Councilman Thomas Serra couldn’t help save Hope from the axe!  If anyone thinks that Drew had nothing to do with Ms. Kasper’s removal from the ticket, then you must be drinking Gerry Daley’s “Kool-Aid” too!

In yesterday’s “MiddletownInsider” there was an article involving the “Ryan Woods Autism Foundation” charity, which Brenda Wilson is the founder of.  Ms. Wilson’s letter to the Mayor and Health Department basically accuses Mayor Dan’s of not properly funding this charity due to his not being elected to their Board of Directors.  The article is interesting, but not surprising as this is Dan’s method of operation.  If he doesn’t get what he wants, you will pay the consequences!  It doesn’t matter to him!  Hell!  He doesn’t have any ties to Middletown!  When he no longer is Mayor, he’ll move back to New Milford.

Councilman Gerry Daley is a good Democratic soldier, and will do what the Party wants and needs him to do.  Over the next few months, he’ll be their point man during Council meetings.  He will be on attack mode when the Mayor tells him to “go get’em”.  I always thought Gerry was a really smart and decent politician.  Seems to me he needs to check what’s in the “Kool Aid” before he pours it into his glass and drinks it.

Stay strong.  Stay involved.  Stay together.  Seek the truth.

DISCLAIMER:  The opinions and views expressed in this newsletter reflect the opinion and view of the author, and should not be construed as fact or advice.  The author is a life long Middletown resident and taxpayer, and is sharing his opinions as such.  The opinions and commentary do not reflect the views of any political party, organization, or citizen group.  This newsletter reflects opinions and commentary which the author wishes to share with his friends.  


  1. Thanks for bringing this into the public light, John.

  2. Why would either slate put former Working Families csndidate Phil Pessina back on? Lost my faith right there


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