Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Democrats Propose New CT Services Taxes! See the list of ADDED Industries!

Did you know that the CT Democrats are proposing the following taxes on certain services which have NOT had a public hearing! Are these figures even accurate? Industry insiders beg to differ, but will never get their say since no public hearing has been held or is scheduled.These added taxes will undoubtedly cripple the economy even more and hurt businesses of all kids. Democrats even want to tax vet services!!  Taxes on museums, sports venues, engineers, architects, graphics designers, musicians and artists just t name a few. A tax to file your taxes? In some ways yes; CPA services for tax preparation is proposed as a new tax!

See the list below from the CT Senate Republican's website. Do you work in one of these industries or use the services? Speak up and speak out!  Sign the petition


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